xBest Website Maintainer - Van Man


::The lights go out in the auditorium, leaving everything in darkness. From out of nowhere, the theme to "E.T. The Extra-terrestrial" (John Williams) fills the auditorium. Then a flying saucer appears, floating in midair. A few moments later brilliant colored lights appear for a light show. The spaceship lands, the door opens, and Van Man the brown mouse with his tuxedo appears near the podium and he steps through the dancing lights. The music ends and the lights go back on::


::The audience applauds, enjoying the five-minute light show. Van Man walks up to the microphone::


Van Man: Took me a year to build the UFO and those colorful lights!


::Audience laughs::


Van Man: It feels great to be here with all of you fans and the Rescue Rangers, and I'm grateful to be here this evening to help out with this special occasion. I am here to give away the award for Best Website Maintainer. The nominees are:


Ray Jones




Van Man: The envelope, please...


::A stagehand delivers the envelope. Van Man pulls out a keyboard, tapping out a particular five-note sequence. The spaceship responds, only louder, and a laser beam cuts the envelope open. The audience applauds again and Van Man opens the envelope and reads the card::


Van Man: And the winner of the Best Website Maintainer is…Tanka!


::Tanka waves to the crowd and heads up on stage::


Tanka: Me again?  I can't believe it! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, mice, chipmunks, bats, squirrels and others. I promise to make my site quicker and more convenient next year... if I have time. Thank you!


::The audience cheers as she takes her award. Van Man gets into his UFO and flies around the inside of the Opera House::