::Indy comes out on stage, clad in his usual outfit::

Indy: Greetings, Rangerphiles! Oh wait, I just said that a minute or so ago…


::The audience snickers some and Indy collects himself::

Indy: Anyway, it’s my pleasure to give away the first award of tonight’s ceremony. It’s also my fault because I forgot to assign this one to anybody…


::Everyone laughs and Indy returns a “cute little me” smile::


Indy: So let’s get rolling. Our first award this evening is for Best Rangerphile Website. Now, with the many websites out there, there’s plenty of competition for this award. Only the site that’s been given the proper combination of creative input, tender loving care and that unique touch of fun and interest will win. So, let’s take a look at our finalists:


Tanka's CDRR Pages

Indy’s Ranger Museum


Indy: Well, that narrows it down…


::Indy pulls out an envelope from his inner jacket pocket::


Indy: And the winner for Best Website is…get it up for Tanka!


[img] http://www.indyranger.com/Tankapic.jpg[/img]


::Tanka stands up as the audience applauds. She walks up on stage, receiving a hug from Indy, and steps up to the podium, her award next to her::


Tanka: Good evening! And again I'm the very first person to get an award, nice tradition, I like it!


::The audience laughs::


Tanka: But whatever happens in the future I'm glad you enjoy what I did in the past. But my site would make no sense without you, my fellow Rangerphiles - I had a permanent lack of time this year but your comments and wishes gave me extra energy to continue supporting it.


::Tanka motions out into the audience::


Tanka: And special thanks to Sergey aka SVZ who runs the Mistakes and Trivia section, and to Ronnie Rabbit who makes the corrections. I guess I'll have to saw the award in three.  May we have some attention for SVZ here?


::SVZ stands, waves his hands and says something in Russian::


Tanka: He says he'll never let me spoil such a wonderful acorn statue or whatever it is this year...  ;)


::Applause. Tanka smiles::


Tanka: Ok, ok. Anyway I'm really very pleased that my work is so highly estimated.


::Tanka smiles and waves again as she leaves the stage. Indy nods and pulls out his PDA, making a note to get all the speeches assigned next year::