::Dr. Batorious, the deep-voiced bat from Indy’s “Times of their Lives”, sits down at the announcer’s booth::


Dr. Batorious: Welcome, one and all, to the fourth annual Golden Acorn Awards!


::The orchestra strikes up and a bunch of dancers come out on stage, dressed like the various Rangers. They do a stylish routine, singing a song called, “The Rangers Are Here To-night!” At the end of it, a drum roll ensues::


Dr. Batorious: And now, your master of ceremonies, Indy Rangerphile!


::The fedora and jacket-clad chipmunk comes out to the applause of all gathered. Cameras sweep the audience, showing famous Rangers and Rangerphiles alike. Then Indy is at the podium::


Indy: Welcome everyone, to the 2005 Golden Acorn Awards! My name’s Indy and we’re here to have some fun!


::Staged fireworks goes off and the crowd oohs and aahs::


Indy: It’s great to see all of you back here…well, not HERE because this is our first show on the road. We’re here in lovely…and hot…Sydney, Australia! Thanks to all our Australian friends who’ve made our time here so great and wonderful.


::Clapping follows::


Indy: Now, before we get down to business there’s a couple of people who need some special recognition. First, Jareth kindly volunteered to produce our award plaques this year. Jareth, thanks for your time and effort!


::The audience applauds, then gasps in appreciation as the jumbotron shows off the latest plaque::


[img] http://www.indyranger.com/GAplaque.jpg[\img]


Indy: Isn’t that something, folks?


::Jareth waves as the others clap for him::


Indy: Now, one person’s efforts weren’t nominated at his request, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize the wonderful Acorn Café Group Picture done by Jon Lemerond. It’s not only a great picture, but a great testimony to this fine community of people. Jon wasn’t able to be here tonight, but I know he’ll be watching back home. Let’s give him a hand!


::The audience stands and applauds as Jon’s group picture is shown on the Jumbotron::


Indy: And now, down to business. We’ve got a lot of awards to give away!


Dr. Batorious: Stay tuned. Next, we have the awards in the website categories. The Golden Acorn Awards will be right back…