::In front of the Opera House, the Rangers are meeting and greeting along with everyone else. Monty seems to know half the people coming, but when he sees a familiar black Aussie bush hat he charges through the crowd::


Monty: DAD!!!


::Cheddarhead Charlie, Monty's father, waves back and charges toward his boy as well. The two big mice tackle each other and wrestle around on the concrete for a minute before they stand up, laughing and dusting themsleves off::


Cheddarhead: Great to see you, son! About time they had these bloomin' awards in a civilized country.


Monty: Too right. Say, where's ma?


Kate: Right behind you, Cheezer!


Monty: MA!!!


::Monty turned around and Kate hugged him and he hugged her and Cheddarhead hugged them both. The Rangers came over, amused::


Chip: It's great to see you two again. Chedderhead, is this your first time in Sydney, too?


::Charlie gave Chip a friendly slap on the back that knocked him over::


Charlie:  Chip, me lad, I've been over this town a hundred times over.  I know every cheese shop and cat hangout in this town.


::Monty pulls on his lapels::


Monty: That's me dad!


Dale: Oboy, oboy! Now we've got real Aussies to guide us around! Let's go tour the city and find all the comic book shops!


::Dale starts to run off when Gadget grabs him by the tuxedo collar::


Gadget: Hold on, Dale. We can't go anywhere now! The awards ceremony's going to start soon. Besides, someone has to guard the awards.


Dale: Aw, all the bad guys know by now we won't let 'em steal the awards!


Chip: That never stops them from trying. Cheddarhead, Kate, we're going to need extra help whenever the villains make their move. Do you mind helping us out?


::Kate also gave Chip a friendly slap on the back that knocked him off his feet::


Kate:  Lad, it would be an honor ta help ya.  It will be fun ta bust up some bad guys again.


Chip: Thanks, Kate. You and Cheddarhead are the best.


Foxglove: Now we only have one problem, Chip.


Chip: What's that?


Foxglove: We don't know who the villains will be!




::Meanwhile, deep within the environs of the theater, a large wooden packing crate creaks open. While the crate is marked "Fresh Lettuce", the contents are far from fresh. Fat Cat and the Goon Squad exit the box, stretching their backs after their long trip. They find they're in the storeroom for all the chefs' supplies::


Fat Cat: Looks like the coast is clear. Two weeks on a cargo ship with you morons is enough to cure anyone of wanting to take a cruise.


Mepps:  Oh boy!  The Sydney Opera house, I can finally live my dreams of professional opera singing!


Fat Cat: You? A professional singer?


Mepps:  I could be the fourth Tenor!


Fat Cat: Don't make me scratch you. Now, let's get out of here and find a good spot to view the awards from.


Mole: Oboy! You mean, we're gonna watch the ceremony this year? I'll go buy us some candy bars!


Fat Cat: Not the ceremony, you imbecile. We're going to watch the trophies. And when the time comes, we'll ship them back the same way we got here.


Snout:  Fed-Ex?


Fat Cat: I've got to get me a new gang sometime...