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::The scene shifts to a closeup of a red-carpeted entryway, where limousines are driving up. Katie courier is on the left part of the screen, a speaker’s podium just behind her, gesturing to the vehicle cavalcade::

Katie: Stan, the ceremony’s bigger than ever this year. Joining me now is a local that all Australians know and love…


::Katie’s interrupted when a big Greyhound Bus whops the limousine from behind, pushing it out of the way. Its horns blare, nearly sending Katie into shock. An older Aussie mouse jumps out of the driver’s seat::


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::The mouse jumps up on a stand, and a now-recovered Katie comes over to join him::

Cheddarhead: Cheddarhead Charlie’s me name, and adventure’s me game!


Katie: Uh, yes. What do you think of the awards being here this year, Mister Cheddarhead?


Cheddarhead: Awards? I’m waitin’ for some of those villains to show up an’ try to steal the trophies. Then I’ll give ‘em all a dusting!


::Katie looks back to the camera while Cheddarhead shadow boxes::


Katie: As I said, Stan, a real international flavor this year…


::The scene switches back to the wide shot of Stan::

Stan: Thank you, Katie. Stayed tuned—the 2005 Golden Acorn Awards will begin when we return…