::As the crowd rises to applaud the last winner, Fat Cat and his bunch slip away from Chubbi and the kids. For the last hour, Fat Cat had been wondering how he could get the trophies but then he hit upon a simple yet devious plan. Backstage, several of the janitorial staff suddenly vanish and some shorter replacements walk out. As the winners leave the stage, Indy gestures for the janitors to come get the trophies. They do so, pushing them offstage on their rolling pedestals. Indy pushes up his fedora on his head, rubbing his forehead::

Indy: I thought those guys were taller earlier. Guess it's been a long night.

::Once offstage, Fat Cat and the goon squad merrily push the pedestals toward a nearby stage exit, intending to abscond with them. However, in his exuberance Fat Cat fails to see Mepps, who had decided to come backstage in order to escort the trophies back to their case. The cap Fat Cat is wearing falls to the floor, his disguise ruined::

Fat Cat: Mepps, you ingrate! You'll never stop me!

Mepps: I feel sorry for you guys, Fat Cat. Put the stuff back and just walk away and I won't tell Drake.

Mole: Yeah, we could do that...

Wart: Let's put it back, okay Fat Cat?

Snout: We won't tell!

::Fat Cat snorts at the notion, swatting Mepps aside::

Fat Cat: Never! I want my golden reward!

::That was his real mistake, for when he knocked Mepps off-balance he sent the cat careening toward a series of stage switches. Mepps plowed into them, and a veritable shower of sandbags, scenery and whatnot fell from the ceiling, covering the crooks in moments. The conflagration brought people running from everywhere, and soon Drake and the security officers had uncovered the perpetrators and collared them. Indy walks over to Mepps::

Indy: Mepps, you did a great job there. You saved the trophies and captured Fat Cat and his gang all in one fell swoop. How did you do it?

Mepps: Fat Cat caught himself. I just helped a little.

::Everyone laughs, and Indy motions for one of the spare smaller trophies to be given to him::

Indy: Mepps, in recognition of your brave deed, I hereby award you this honorary trophy for being the Best New Detective. Congratulations!

::All the folks around there clap, and Drake and Plato congratulate their partner as well. Just then, Chubbi and the kids arrive on the scene::

Chubbi: When I bail you out and get you home, all of you guys are in so much trouble!  You've embarrassed me and the boys in front of the whole community and been a bad example to your sons, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Husky and Portly: Bad daddy!

::Drake watches as Fat Cat cringes and has an idea. He walks over to Chubbi, whispering in her ear::

Drake: You know, it seems unfair to separate a husband and father from his family during the holidays, so we're going to be generous. Fat Cat, you and your goons are now under house arrest--her house!


::Chubbi grabs up the leashes to the collars on Fat Cat and the goons, pulling them along::

Chubi: Come, boys. You obviously have too much free time on your hands. I have floors that need waxing, gutters that need cleaning, a roof in need of mending, shutters that need replacing...

Snout: Oh no!

Wart: Anything but The Rock! Anything but that!

::Fat Cat looks back to Drake, pleading::

Fat Cat: Please, no! IT'S INHUMAN!

::Drake crosses his arms::

Drake: Maybe you'll think twice about it next time. And if you haven't noticed, you ain't human.

::Drake and all the good guys laugh as Chubbi and the kids lead their charges away. After a quick straightening up, they join the others back out on stage for the grand finale::