::Indy comes back, noticing that the audience is starting to wilt. **Oscars, you have nothing on us** he thinks as he resumes the stage and the podium::


Indy: Rangerphiles, we’re in the home stretch!


::The crowd shouts its approval to that::


Indy: Just two more awards to go, but big ones. First, we recognize the 2003 Rookie of the Year. This Rangerphile has showed up within the past year and has done the most to advance the cause of Rangerphiles everywhere. Anyone care to guess who that might be?


Audience: Fish! Fish! Fish!


::From the ceiling come thousands of Fish balloons, floating down. The crowd buzzes happily, popping and playing with the balloons::

Indy: I figured you guys needed something fun to do by now, and I was right. Yes, our Rookie of the Year is Fish. Let me give you an idea of how far his work has spread Rescue Ranger awareness throughout the web. “Of Mice and Mayhem” has been reviewed on Fur Central, and mentioned on weblogs and bulletin boards all across the net. Among the quotes attributed to it:


<I>Quite possibly the most... professionally realized fanfic project I’ve ever seen. The Disney-level (and above) quality of the draftsmanship is, for me, what distinguishes this magnum opus of Rescue Rangers devotion from the teeming, frothing hordes.</I>


<I>This is about as good as fan fiction gets</I>


<I>The art is superb, and the plot and writing are achingly campy -- which is really half the fun….It’s especially appealing to my inner seventh-grader -- the one with an enormous Gadget crush.</I>


<I>Of Mice and Mayhem”  is a 232 page (25 MB) graphic novel benefiting from strong scripting and sophisticated design, an astonishingly graceful melding of Walt Kelly and Japanese Manga.</I>


Indy: So, you see, it’s not just us! This work’s been recognized far and wide, and as I’m sure we all agree, deservedly so. So for putting Ranger fandom on the map in an inimitable way, get it up for Fish!


::The crowd applauds, but this time it’s Monterey Jack who comes to the stage::


Monty: Yeah--uh--Fish tripped on a walnut shell on ‘is way back dee-own from the mezzanine, so I’ll take this one for ‘im. I thought I took ‘is speech from ‘is tux pocket tah read on ‘is behalf, but it’s just a receipt from the rental joint. Soo, I guess I’ll just read that.


<img src= “http://www.indyranger.com/Monty.jpg”>





1 rental “Acorn Club” tails. 25 dollars.

1 rental used MC Hammer baggy tux pants- 7 dollars.

1 pair Dumpster Side brand Metallica work boots- 68 dollars

Paid with a pirated copy of Indy’s VISA card.


Monty: Crikey- who dresses this guy??


Indy (raising an eyebrow): Apparently, I do. Oh Fiiiish…


Monty: Anyhoo-Chris “Fish” Fischer thanks all of you for your unflappable support, inspiration and friendship- and stay tuned in the years ahead!- yeh ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!! Rescue Ranger----AWAYYYY.


::Monty takes the award, heading offstage. From the rear of the auditorium, Indy and Fish can be heard engaged in conversation, wherein Fish utters the immortal phrase, “It was a joke! We staged it!” Indy comes back, muttering something about “not having his whip anyway”:::