::Indy comes back after talking to someone offstage, then hollers up to the mezzanine section::


Indy: We’ve got catering coming to you, Fish!


Fish: Thanks!


::Indy approaches the podium and settles in for the next award::


Indy: With a best all-time author, we have to have a Best All-Time Fanfic.


Dale (from the audience): Fish! Fish! Fish!


::A turbot comes flying out of nowhere but Dale ducks and it hits Chip instead::

Dale: Nyah nyah! Saw it coming!


Chip: How about this?


::Chip bonks Dale with the turbot::


Indy: I see Fish isn’t the only thing that’s running…now, this award was renamed last year in honor of Tex Henson. I had someone come up and ask me before the ceremony if it was a misprint and we really meant Tex Avery. No, it’s Tex Henson, one of the men most responsible for us being here tonight.


::A picture of Tex Henson shows on the big screen::


Indy: Lloyd Davis William "Tex" Henson started his career at Disney in its early heyday. He worked on such films as “Song of the South”, “Pecos Bill” and “Peter and the Wolf”. He also helped in creating two loveable chipmunks that in 1947 came to be known as Chip ‘n Dale. Henson pushed for Chip ‘n Dale to be included in the classic animated shorts along with Mickey and Donald, and thanks to his encouragement they are still around today.


::Gadget comes over and hugs the two munks::

Indy: Tex went on to be chief animator at Jay Ward Productions for the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” show, as well as “Underdog” and “Tennessee Tuxedo”. In sum, Tex Henson was not only an animator whose contributions amount to decades of work, but also his dedication to Chip ‘n Dale make his name worthy to be added in front of our Best All-Time Fanfic.


::The crowd applauds, then Indy continues::


Indy: This year’s nominees include:


- "The Return of Winifred", Jareth

- "Of Mice and Mayhem", Fish

- "Gadget In Chains", Loneheart

- "A Dream for the Ages", Untold Ranger Tales part 10, Indy and Chris Silva

- "Dust and Ashes", Winston


Indy (muttering): I hope he’s got his running shoes on…


::Dale stands up, waving his Fish banner, while Indy opens the envelope::

Dale: I’m not sayin’ anything this time!


Indy: Okay, I will. The 2003 Best All-Time Fanfic is “Of Mice and Mayhem”!


<img src= “http://www.indyranger.com/Yahoo.jpg”>


Fish: (coughhhh---wheeeeeeezzze--puff-pant) OK--(cough cough) OK- (wheeeeze)


::Fish works his way down to the main auditorium::


Fish: Picked the wrong week to start eating donuts for lunch…


::Fish gets up those stairs again and takes in a giant breath at the podium::


Fish: I'd like to thank my wife for not killing me while I drew this for three years.


::More smiles and laughs from the audience, then Fish puts his hand up above his eyes, looking::


Fish: Honey- wave to the folks! Honey? Oh—she must be at the bar commiserating with Ray Jones' wife.


::Fish leans in toward the mic::


Fish: The trick now is to figure out a way to draw the next one without her finding out. I can only draw chipmunks and mice behind a copy of "Parenthood" magazine for so long. Soon she'll quiz me on the actual articles and then there'll be trouble.


::More polite laughter, then Fish continues::


Fish: When Michael Demcio and I get together next for dinner, we shall do so wearing purple smoking jackets and ascots as we don fake British accents and sip brandy under our respective Acorn trophies—or we'll just order Chinese, rent a movie, and watch my toddler erase my hard drive. Either way.


::Fish takes hold of his award::


Fish: Thank you for this honor in the name of Tex- one of Chip and Dale's founding fathers. Of course, Indy sent me the notification with the typo Tex Avery-


Indy: I wasn’t going to tell them who said it! Especially when it was my Freudian slip :-)


Fish: So the first speech was planned around the "Red Hot Riding Hood" - "Two Chips and a Miss" parallel- but  now that's sort of moot since I've been corrected.


::Fish waves to the audience::


Fish: OK- back to the mezzanine!


::Fish trudges on back, and Indy prepares a letter to the committee board for next year that they put in an elevator to the mezzanine::