::Indy comes out on stage, his brown felt fedora on his head as usual, but he is wearing a tuxedo. The crowd claps as he goes to the podium::


Indy: It’s been an eventful night so far, but now we’re coming to the grand finale. Rennod, will you join me?


::Rennod comes out, dressed in military fatigues::

Indy: I thought you had a suit!

Rennod: You remember from last year—I don’t like them. But that’s not the reason I’m not wearing one this time. I thought it appropriate in light of our Rangerphile who are on active service to honor them. Drake, Loki, safe journey and safe return.


::The sentiment is echoed throughout the audience, and Rennod leaves. From stage left, six large trophies are wheeled out on pedestals::

Indy: Now we come to the 2003 All-Time Best awards. These are permanent annual awards, their trophies residing here at the New York Metropolitan theater, and each year the names of the new recipients will be added to those who have won before. In addition, their names will be enshrined at the <a href=“http://www.indyranger.com/alltime.html”>All-Time Best Golden Acorn Award Winners List</a> at the Ranger Museum.


::Indy pauses as the website appears on the big screen::


Indy: Before awarding the first of this year’s All-Time Best, let us look back on the All-Time Best for 2002.


::Dr. Batorious’ deep voice reads the list of individual winners::


Dr. Batorious: The 2002 Best All-Time Fanfic: Rhyme and Reason, by Mike Demcio




Dr. Batorious: The 2002 Best All-Time Author: Indy and Chris Silva


::More applause, which rises as the spotlight focuses on Chris Silva, who stands in the audience::


Dr. Batorious: The 2002 Best All-Time Artwork: The cover art for “Plots” and “The Times of Their Lives”, Charles Williams


::Much applause, as the pictures are shown on the big screen::


Dr. Batorious: The 2002 Best All-Time Artist: Charles Williams


::The applause comes back loud again::


Dr. Batorious: The 2002 Best All-Time Website: The RR Database, by Matt Plotecher


::Applause, as his website index page is shown::


Dr. Batorious: The 2002 Rookie of the Year: Rennod


::Rennod returns on-stage, still in battle fatigues, bowing to the audience’s applause::


Dr. Batorious: The 2002 Natasha Kashefipour Lifetime Achievement Award: Indy


::The crowd rises as one, and Indy nods and waves, thanking them. When the applause settles, the big screen reads, “2003 Best All-Time Website”::


Indy: To be known as the best all-time in any year is an honor, but to receive the honor of Best All-Time Website in a community rich in its online culture is a true mark of distinction. The nominees, then for the 2003 Best All-Time Website are:


- The RR Database

- The Foxglove Feature

- JoneScientific

- The Russian CDRR Portal

- Zanzibar’s web site

- The Acorn Café

- CD’s Rescue Ranger Roadhouse


Indy: The envelope, please…


::Indy brings out a pocketknife, opening the envelope::

Indy: This year’s website honoree is The Foxglove Feature!


::The orchestra plays the theme from “Gone With the Wind” as the spotlight focuses on Jaleel. He is totally surprised, and the crowd cheers wildly. Foxglove comes to his seat and urges him onward, and after a minute he follows her to the stage where the crowd shouts its approval all the more. Indy signals for quiet, and Jaleel approaches the mic::


Jaleel: I’ve stopped by the Acorn Café from time to time, looking on all of the stuff that’s going on there. It hasn’t changed a bit - there’s still lots of new faces, love and dedication to a cartoon series that time shouldn’t have forgotten.


::The crowd applauds with enthusiasm, then waits to see what else Jaleel will say::

Jaleel: I’m really happy that people still regard the Foxglove Feature as one of the best websites to visit in the Rescue Ranger fandom. There’s a lot of great RR sites out there now, and I’m sure given the Feature’s lack of updates, it wasn’t an easy decision to make.


These days, work, my first home, and other experiences have filled quite a schedule. But honestly, though some days keeping the Feature updated was a truly a labor of love, at the time it offered one of few chances in life to be creative, and to have fun. It’s people like you that made The Feature an enjoyable experience, and I hope that someday that chance will come again. Like a lot of Foxyphiles, it's hard to stay away from that cute bat for too long...

Thank you!


::The crowd applauds and whistles wildly as Jaleel holds up a smaller version of the permanent trophy to take home with him. Indy shakes hands with him, then he and Foxglove escort him offstage::