::Now it’s Chip’s turn, returning for the last of the special awards::

Chip: In the Rangerphile community, a great tradition has been established by Indy’s weekly caption contest. To be a weekly winner is a highly sought-after honor. Tonight, we honor the caption that was chosen as best out of all of last year’s works. The envelope, if you please?


::The attendant brings the envelope, and Chip opens it::

Chip: The best caption for 2003 is from week 54, the Gadget clone caption by KS!


::The crowd applauds as KS heads for the stage. On the big screen, it displays:


<img src=“http://www.indyranger.com/cap54.jpg”>


::KS takes the stage and is soon at the podium::


KS: I am honored to accept this Golden Acorn for Best Caption. It’s an award I couldn’t have won alone, so I have to extend my heartfelt thanks to Indy for taking my suggestion for having a weekly caption contest to heart, Disney for creating the characters, television for educating me, Elvis, and the hordes of Gadget clones that will soon sweep me into power over this primitive rock inhabited by psychotic apes... I mean, Mom.


::The crowd laughs as the spotlight shifts to Gadget, seemingly confused by the notion of Gadget clones::


KS: I thank Indy, Disney, TV, Elvis and Mom. There are no Gadget clones awaiting my orders, none whatsoever, so you may all go back to your unsuspecting lives. Now I will return to my lab- er I mean my seat! To sit. Not to continue cloning, adding to my ever growing and adorable army- which doesn’t exist! Heh-heh. Well, back to my seat, to sit.


::Looking about nervously, he leaves the stage. Chip watches him suspiciously, then heads offstage, slowly forming a smile at the idea of a horde of Gadget clones. Dr. Batorious’ voice is heard over the loudspeakers::


Dr. Batorious: That ends the Special Awards. Now, the 2003 All-Time Best…