::As Foxglove leaves the stage, Gadget returns to the cheers of the audience. She waves back and heads for the podium::


Gadget: Our next award is the Special Mention. This is an award especially for those Rangerphiles who the community feels should be recognized for their efforts over the past year. They’re deserving of all the appreciation we can give. Okay, since there are no nominees, I’ll announce the winner…


::Gadget opens the envelope::

Gadget: The Special Mention winner this year is Fish, for his efforts on “Of Mice and Mayhem”!


::The crowd rises again, the “Fish-ites” raising their Fish banners and chanting again. Fish comes back to the podium::

The J.A.M. (from the audience): Got that trophy case ordered yet?


::The audience laughs, and Fish steps up to the mic::


Fish: Well, I ran out of speech material a ways back, but allow me to thank you all again for taking my creation into your hearts. It’s been a special year all the way around. Thanks!


::Walking off the to the audience’s cheers, Fish wonders how he’ll get all of the trophies home. The J.A.M., knowing that look of concern, soon approaches him offstage about the wisdom of using U-Haul::