::Dale comes out again, and this time it actually is Dale. He’s got on a party hat and blows a party horn::

Dale: I had to award this next one! The Best Nutcase award—

Chip (from the audience): Suits you perfectly!


Dale: Suits me perfectly. No it doesn’t! Chip!


::Chip is laughing on the floor, as Dale glares at him::

Dale: The Best Nutcase award goes to the life of the party, the Rangerphile that brightens up the room with their antics and magnetic personality whenever they come around. Hey, sort of like me!


Gadget (from the audience): Well, actually, your personality isn’t magnetic. I mean, it can’t attract any kind of metal, or at least I’ve never seen it do that.


Monty (from the audience): He means a personality that pulls people in, luv.


Gadget: Oh, well then strike that. Actually, I haven’t seen it pull people that much either…


Dale: Can I get on with this?


Gadget: Huh? Oh sure, don’t mind me.


::Dale takes a deep breath::


Dale: Okay, the Rangerphile selected as this year’s Best Nutcase is…wayc!


::The crowd shouts its approval as the spotlight goes to wayc. Wayc ducks down, but the spotlight guy is on the job and the folks around wayc encourage him to go on stage. He does so, but only with the help of an escort. Once there, though, his natural exuberance takes over::


wayc: Let’s hear it for the Rangerphiles!


::The crowd shouts back::


wayc: Let’s hear it for the Rangers!


::The crowd shouts again::


wayc: Let’s hear it for the free dinner after the ceremony!


::Everyone stands and shouts::


wayc: Thanks, everybody. I’m really pleased to get this award. I love the Café, and everybody there. Me and Foxhound like to goof around, and I guess it makes for a cool time. I hope the Café lasts forever!


::Leading one more cheer, wayc takes his award and runs offstage. Dale cheers as well and follows::