::Dale walks out on stage, waving to the crowd and goes behind the podium. Then his entire body begins to quiver and quake, and in a small explosion of power he becomes a tentacled space alien::


Dale (in the audience): AL-IENS!




::Then everyone laughs, having relived a moment from “Dale Beside Himself”. The alien is of course Ditz, the happy-go-lucky alien from Fleeblebrox who wanted a vacation on Earth::

Ditz: Hello there, everyone! I’m really pleased to be here and help out with the Most Helpful special award. On my home planet of Fleeblebrox, being helpful is one of the most important things—next to not blowing yourself up next to an ice cream truck.


::That gets assorted laughs from the audience and Ditz continues::


Ditz: Anyway, the most helpful Rangerphile is the one who’s gone out of his or her way to make life better for those around them. They’ve given of their time and effort to benefit the community at large. That certainly describes a lot of people here, but only one was seen as most helpful. So let’s see who the candidates are—oh, there weren’t candidates for this, right. All right, then let’s see who won…


::Ditz receives the envelope and turns himself into a pair of scissors, cutting the envelope open, then reverts back::


Ditz: The most helpful Rangerphile is…Winston!


::Winston comes up on stage, the award handed to him by Ditz::

Ditz: I’m told that Winston was chosen because of his willingness to host many others’ works and was always ready to volunteer his time and effort.


::Indy comes on stage::


Indy: I can vouch for that. He helped me a great deal with getting all the links in place for the nominees’ list for this year’s awards. Winston, our thanks.


::The crowd applauds as Winston approaches the podium::

Winston: Anyone need help around here?


::After some laughter, Winston continues::


Winston: I assume that the reason I’ve been chosen for this award is because of all the hosting I’ve provided for various artists in the Rangerphile community, and I’m glad to help. In all honesty, however, I really can’t claim this award myself. It should rightfully belong to an old friend of mine, Nial Giacomelli. He’s been extremely generous in giving me free hosting and bandwidth in web space he owns. I created the HTML and uploaded the content, but without his support, I’d be unable to help nearly as many people. I think the whole community really owes him, and not me, quite a bit for all the content that he keeps online and available for everyone to enjoy. Let’s hear it for Nial!


::The crowd rises in approval and Winston waves and heads for stage left, followed by Indy and Ditz::