::As the next break ensues, Detective Drake, Plato and Mepps have taken up residence in an alcove where they can watch the main entryway and the trophies unseen::

Drake: I tell you, boys, Fat Cat’s going to make a move on those trophies. I just know it!

Plato: Well, when he does, we’ll be ready. Right, Mepps?

::Mepps watches the display case area intently:

Mepps: Right. Like he’s doing now.

::Drake and Plato turn their attention toward the case with a gasp. Sure enough, a hooded figure is moving toward the case with some kind of tool in hand. Slowly and as quietly as possible, the three heroes creep up on the interloper. As the thief pops the lid on the display case, Drake pounces::

Drake: Gotcha, cat!

::Mepps grabs onto the hooded menace as well, and Plato with relish delivers the famous “Crime Bite”. The assailant yells, but it’s not a yell that Fat Cat would make. Drake, puzzled, pulls down the hood::

Drake: Hey, you ain’t Fat Cat. You’re...Nimnul!

Plato:  Drake, let me put the crime bite on him again, please!

Mepps:  Uh, you’re under arrest.

Nimnul: You bet your sweet neutrons I’m Nimnul! These trophies should rightfully have been mine last year, but I was denied by that egomaniacal alligator! Now I’ve come back to claim what’s rightfully mine! Nimnul, All-Time Best Everything!

Plato: All-Time Best Fruitcake.

Mepps: You’re no match for the law, Nimnul.

::Soon, security guards arrive to escort Nimnul out of the building and things settle down again. Drake walks over to the bottom of the steps leading to the mezzanine and sits down::

Drake: I don’t get it. I could’ve sworn that we’d nabbed Fat Cat with his paws in the cookie jar!

Plato: Maybe we’ve managed to scare him out of the notion of taking the trophies. The ceremony’s nearly over now, after all, and he hasn’t made his move yet. Mepps, what do you think. Has he given up?

Mepps:  No.  He’s always got backup plans. We should keep waiting.

Drake: Agreed. That crafty old tabby’s still got to have something up his sleeve::