::Once everyone is best in their seats, Gadget walks on stage and waves politely at the audience as she goes. The audience cheers loudly, particularly the males. Once she arrives at the podium, she proceeds to speak::


Gadget: Hi! I’m here to present the award for Best Drama. Even though the show was primarily focused on providing light entertainment for children there has been no shortage of writers willing to delve deeper into the readers’ well of emotions, usually involving me or my family. Not that all dramatic stories involve me and my family...well, they usually do involve me, but not always my family. I suppose one could do a study of the full range of fan-fiction and make a quantitative comparison of the level of angst experienced by the separate characters as well as the focus of said angst and to what degree it effects their- huh?


::Gadget’s attention is drawn to stage right where she sees Chip motioning to get things going::


Gadget: Oh, right! The nominees for Best Drama are:


“Gadget In Chains” by Loneheart,

“Cats Don’t Direct”, a collaboration by Indy and Chris Silva,

“Of Mice and Mayhem” by Fish


“A Dream for the Ages”, part ten of the Untold Ranger Tales, another collaborative effort by Indy and Chris Silva


::Gadget looks thoughtful for a moment::


Gadget: Hmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something...Oh, that’s it! I need the envelope!


::Looking off to the side, she asks, “Dale?”::


::Dale, offstage, races over to the table where the envelopes for the presentation are arrayed. Looking about frantically, he mutters to himself, “Drama, drama, I need drama!” From beneath the table a paw juts out holding an envelope as a voice draws the chipmunk’s attention. “Here”::


Dale (taking the envelope): “Thanks!”


Mystery voice under the table: “De rien.”


::Dale strides confidently onto the stage and over to the podium where he presents the envelope to Gadget with, inspired by hearing some French, a flourish: “Por vous!”::


Gadget: “Um, merci, Dale!”


Dale, before striding off stage: “De rien!”


Gadget: And the winner is...


::She opens the envelope and pulls out the card and begins reading::


Gadget: ‘Gadget, will you marry me? Love, Philippe’.


::It suddenly dawns on Gadget what she just read as the audience reacts with a mixture of confused gasps, laughter, and a few howls. Crumpling the forged document, she growls, “Why that dirty rat!”::


::Chip races across the stage to deliver the legitimate envelope and hands it to Gadget while simultaneously retrieving the fake before racing back offstage to bonk Dale. Gadget, composing herself, proceeds with the real presentation::


Gadget: And the winner is.. “Of Mice and Mayhem”!


::Fish comes up on stage, the majority of the audience now holding up their Fish posters::


Fish: Drama too? COOOL. I knew keeping all those John Grisham books in my sock drawer would pay off eventually! Someday I hope to read one of them. They have pictures in them, right?


::The audience laughs while Fish takes his award and Gadget walks offstage with him—or rather she storms off. A few moments later, there is a good deal of screaming from a male voice and Fish can be heard saying, “Wow, I didn’t know you could do that to a rat’s ears. I’ve got a get a quick sketch of this!”::