::Eva Erskine, twin sister of Bianca and wife of Monterey Jack from “The Untold Ranger Tales”, walks out in a becoming pink chiffon evening gown with frills about the shoulder. She is wearing diamond-studded earrings and an emerald choker around her neck. Eva glides gracefully to the podium, smiling as she speaks, her voice a near-match to Bianca’s::


Eva: Velcome to the splendid Golden Acorn awards, dahlings. I am most pleased to be presenting this next award for Best Romance. Oh, how I do enjoy a good romance. Vould you not say so, Monty?


::The spotlight shifts to Monty on the front row, who blushes and gives out an, “Aw!”::


Eva: Now, let us see who the vunderful nominees are:


“Of Mice and Mayhem”, Fish


Eva: Vell, I think that narrows it down, don’t you?


::The audience chuckles::


Eva: Come on up, Mr. Fish, and be receiving your award!


::Fish walks up, to the audience’s applause::


Fish: Well, this I am really proud of because this is what I intended “Mice and Mayhem” to be off the bat. Even if I was the only nominee for this category…


::Fish holds for a smattering of uncomfortable applause and chuckles::


Fish: Anyway- it was my warped belief in the underlying ever-hinted at romance between two like-minded, responsible, smart, cute little forest sleuths that drove me to create this work, so let's hear it for my two muses...


::Fish gestures toward the audience::


Fish: C'mon Chip, Gadget…get on up here....


::The music blasts and two Disneyland costumed walkaround characters show up::


<img src=“http://www.indyranger.com/Horrors.jpg”>


Gadget (from her seat): Is that supposed to be me?


Chip (also from seat): Don't ask.


Gadget: I look like one of the “Tweenies” or Jane Leeds as “Shrek's wife”.


Chip: I heard they retired your character from the parks cause she made children pee.


Gadget: I heard it was after an adult fan with busy hands got socked in the kisser.


Chip: Well, either way, I never thought that your absence could be a “mixed blessing” until now.


Gadget: Uhhhhmmm- thanks (?)


::The audience waits until the walkarounds have left, along with Eva, then there is a mass run on the restrooms::