::A teen-aged Bink Chesnutt, the one from Indy and Chris Silva’s “Untold Ranger Tales”, walks out on stage. She’s wearing a shimmering blue strapless gown, her blonde hair at shoulder-length, and long white gloves reach past her elbows. She smiles at the applause and attention, ducking her head as she giggles. When she reaches the podium it’s evident she’s excited::

Bink: Hieveryoneandwelcometothewards!


::The crowd appears confused, and Bink tries again::

Bink: Hi everyone, and welcome to the awards. I’m here tonight to award the Best Original Female Character award. Unfortunately, I’m not counted as original—though a big improvement…


Theo (from the audience): You bet you are!


::The audience laughs and Bink blushes::

Bink: So anyway, let’s see tonight’s nominees:


- Hack, from “Broken Glass”, Ronnie Rabbit

- Doohickey, from “The Wandering Feather”, KS

- Jade, from “Dust and Ashes”, Winston


::Bink opens the envelope, muttering something about “the unfairness of the universe”::


Bink: And here’s the winner—it’s Jade from “Dust and Ashes” by Winston!


::Winston comes up on stage::

Winston: This is a true irony - that the character who would be the absolute least concerned about winning awards should end up singled out for one. She simply wouldn’t hold it to have any value. Oh well. As I’m sure she would point out, though, ‘value’ is merely a matter of perception, always a subjective measure and never an absolute. You know, when you think about it, there’s really nothing that...Hmm...it seems this acceptance speech is starting to turn into a Zen lecture, which means I’ve reached the point at which I should just stop. Thank you!


::Winston takes the award, smiling to the audience as they clap and the orchestra plays. He and Bink leave the stage::