::Indy comes back on stage, meeting the applause of the audience::

Indy: You’re stuck with me the rest of the way, folks. I managed to get Rennod to handle two of them, which I think was right considering all the work he did in helping to put last year’s awards together.


::The audience claps as Rennod stands up in the audience and waves, still in his casual clothes::


Indy: Gadget, is that dress-o-matic still around somewhere?


::Gadget laughs and Rennod points a mock warning finger Indy’s way. Indy smiles and turns back to the audience::

Indy: Okay, onward and upward. The 2003 Best All-Time Author award represents a pinnacle in writing achievement. This community has been blessed to have some of the best authors of any fandom. Names like The Enduring Man-Child, Matt Plotecher, The J.A.M., and John Nowak will live on for years in the great quality of their work.


::The audience applauds as those authors mentioned that are present stand and acknowledge the audience::


Indy: This year, we consider a whole new group of authors as well as the winner of last year’s award, namely myself and Chris Silva. As with the best artist award, it’s fitting to allow the tastes of each year to be highlighted. And now, the nominees:


- Indy and Chris Silva

- Fish

- Jareth

- Winston

- Stitch


Indy: And now, the envelope…


::Indy takes the envelope, opening it::


Indy: Our winner for 2003 is—wow, it was close, but it’s Fish for “Of Mice and Mayhem”!


::Fish starts coming again, the audience cheering him on::


Fish (from distance): (puff-pant) I’m coming, I’m coming!


::Fish climbs the stairs to the stage yet again::


Fish: Whhhhewww. MAN- who put me in the mezzanine, anyway?


The J.A.M. (from the audience): I did! It’s the only place all your trophies would go!


::The audience laughs and Fish catches his breath::


Fish: Me again? Are we bored yet, I wonder? Well just in case some of you are- here’s a prize to distract you:


A pal at Disney sent me this sticker he ripped off a trashcan at the office:

Let’s hope it’s not a metaphor. 


<img src=“http://www.indyranger.com/ChipIn.jpg”>


Fish: As for me- I am sooooooo humbled and honored and grateful and <I><B>hungry</B></I>. When’s the banquet, Indy? Someone email me some garlic-mashed potatoes, all this running around is taking its toll!


::More laughter from the audience::


Fish: Thank you all so much for thinking of me and my bizarre entry- especially considering the talent nominated with me!  I shall use this award for good, not evil, and make you all proud again someday.


God Bless!


::The audience cheers as Fish takes his award and heads back for the nosebleed section. A security officer comes up and asks Indy about the soundness of the mezzanine supports with the weight of all those awards, but Indy reassures him that they checked on that before assigning the seats::