::As the lights go up, Fat Cat stands::

Fat Cat: I think some refreshments would be nice. What can I get everyone? Kids? Fluffikins?

Portly:† Goobers, Sno-Caps, Twizzlers, Popcorn and a hot dog and a large soda!

Husky:† Iíll have one of what heís having.

Fat Cat: Very good. Men, letís go...

::Fat Cat and the goon squad leave their seats, heading for the rear doors of the auditorium. When they reach the large outer area, they find it mostly deserted as the majority of the guests have either gone to the concession stands or the break room. Fat Cat doles out some money::

Fat Cat: Mole, Snout, you two buy the kids what they want. Wart, youíre with me.

::The goons do as they are told and Fat Cat awaits his chance, all the time keeping a watch out for Drake, Plato and Mepps. At the moment, they are in the mezzanine, taking the large auditorium in as they talk with Fish, who for some reason had been assigned to a seat up there. ::Those three werenít Fat Catís immediate problem, though. The portly feline isnít aware of anything though as he watches the security guard in front of the display case. In a few moments the uniformed human looks at his beeping watch, realizes his shift is up, and heads for the break room with the others::

Fat Cat: Perfect...

::Fat Cat brings out a small bag of tools heís somehow managed to smuggle in, and he and Wart proceed to the display case::

Fat Cat: Now, you use the slim jim to pry the case up while I--

Wart: Fat Cat, we have a problem...

Fat Cat: Shut up and do your job, Wart. I donít have time for--

Wart: Look out!

::The nervous lizard had seen it coming. Mole and Snout had just returned with the snacks when the nearsighted Mole had tripped on the carpet and began running off-balance toward them.

::Seemingly in slow motion, Mole finally completely loses his balance and the popcorn, soda and candy goes flying. Instinctively, Fat Cat picks up Wart and uses him as a shield. Soon, popcorn and soda is everywhere. Snout, Mole and Wart are covered with it, but FC has come out unscathed. Fat Cat tosses Wart aside and then straightens his tie::

Fat Cat: You morons canít even walk without a disaster happening! Wart, get snacks! Snout, help me with the case! And Mole, just stand right there. Donít move an inch, touch nothing, do move in any way shape or form.

::Wart runs off and Snout starts to help when a <I>bing-bong</I> announces that the ceremony is about to get started again. Fat Cat pulls Snout away from the case::

Fat Cat: Not now, you fool! Theyíll see us! Mole, come on!

Mole: Nuh uh. You said not to move, and I wonít move.

Fat Cat: That was before. Move, now!

Mole: Donít worry, boss. I know youíre testing me. I wonít let you down.

::As Wart returns with the snacks, Fat Cat groans and he grabs Mole by the collar of his tux, dragging the statuesque crook back into the auditorium and down the aisle. When the onlookers observe Mole curiously, Fat Cat chuckles::

Fat Cat: Too much starch in his tux.

::Fat Cat mutters, ďOr his brainĒ as he continues on. The villains return to their seats, and the kids eagerly receive the snacks Wart offers. Chubbi looks the the goon squadís messed up clothes suspiciously::

Chubbi: What happened to them, sweetums?

Fat Cat: Those food lines are a real terror, Fluffikins. We barely got back with our lives.