::As the orchestra plays the theme from “Back to the Future”, Sparky the lab rat comes out in a tuxedo. He appears a bit confused, which for him is an improvement. He goes to the podium, then points toward the orchestra::


Sparky: Great Scott!


::The audience smiles knowingly, then Sparky continues::

Sparky: Scott, you’re the best conductor we’ve had here yet. What music was that, by the way?


::Scott tells him and Sparky is satisfied::

Sparky: Okay. Well, I’m here tonight to…oh wait, it’s right here…


::Sparky checks the left sleeve of his tux to find a piece of paper pinned on it::


Sparky: I’m here to award the Golden Acorn for Best Characterization of the Rangers. A story with great characterization doesn’t happen by random chance, but is the work of someone who’s studied the ins and outs of all the characters and—continued on other sleeve. Oh, right…


::Sparky switches to his right sleeve as the amused audience waits::


Sparky: And is able to give them new life in a story of their own. Tonight, we honor three such writers, one of which will be recognized as this year’s best. They are:


- "Away From It All", Stitch

- "Typical Day" Series, Winston

- "Of Mice and Mayhem", Fish


::Sparky is handed the envelope and begins searching the rest of his clothes::

Sparky: And the winner is…the winner is…


Indy (from offstage): Open the envelope, Sparky!


Sparky: What envelope?


Indy: The one you put down on the podium in front of you!


::Sparky checks, and sure enough it’s there::


Sparky: Oh, an envelope! I’d better open it, then.


::The audience chuckles lightly as the lab rat does so::

Sparky: Hey, it says somebody won the award for Best Characterization of the Rangers, and it’s Fish for “Mice and Mayhem”!


::Chip comes up to the podium, accepting for Fish this time::

Chip: Best characterization? I didn’t get to bonk Dale nearly enough in that one!


::The audience laughs, and Dale covers his head in the audience::

Chip: Seriously though, Fish is really honored that you’d give him this award because it means he did a very good job in how he cast us. I think he did too, personally…

::Chip grins down at Gadget, who blushes and waves back. Then he looks out toward Fish::

Chip: You are working on a sequel, right!


::The spotlight shifts to Fish, who is drawing feverishly. He holds up his work, pointing at it, then goes back at it::

Chip: All right! Thanks again, everyone.


::The crowd applauds, and Chip and Sparky take the award offstage. They nearly get there before one of Sparky’s patented charges passes through the award and zaps Chip, causing his fur to poof out. Tammy stands up and wolf whistles, causing Chip to stomp off the stage. Sparky looks around, dumbfounded, and one of the offstage crew comes and takes the award and Sparky behind the curtain::