::From stage left comes Clarence Dudley, the thwarted actor from the episode “A Case of Stage Blight”. He is in Elizabethan costume and stops midway to the podium as the spotlight shines on him::


Dudley: Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.


::Dudley proceeds on to the podium::

Dudley: Romeo and Juliet, act one, scene five. As a trained thespian, I’ve gained a unique appreciation for the power of verse and rhyme to move an audience. I am sure the same is true among you lovers of the arts in the Rangerphile community, or I’d have little reason to be standing here.


::Dudley takes a look at the paper in front of him as the big screen lists the nominees::


Dudley: Now, for this year’s nominees for Best Verse:


- “A Small Tribute To a Good Man”, SomeGhol

- “Cat's Don't Direct”, Indy and Chris Silva


::Dudley opens the envelope::


Dudley: Have patience and endure, for I know the winner. And that winner is SomeGhol!


::Again, the crowd rises as SomeGhol assumes the stage and the podium. This time he appears more composed and in command of himself::


SomeGhol: Hi everyone!


::The crowd waves back::


SomeGhol: Good Lord, it's been quite awhile since I've seen everyone in one spot... I forgot how mind bending that could be. ::Grins:: Ain't it cool?

Anyway, I had no idea that you'd even considered me for such an award, and I'm flattered beyond all git out. Thank you so much for thinking my little tribute to our friend was worthy of his memory. This one's for Andy.


::The crowd’s applause escorts SomeGhol off, as well as Dudley. Doctor Batorius’ voice comes over the loudspeaker again::

Dr. Batorious: That completes the satire and poetry segment of the awards. Next, it’s the fanfiction categories, so stay tuned…