::Chip walks out, once again getting the notice of Tammy. He’s ready for it this time so it doesn’t faze him::

Chip: Our next award is for Best Poet. As an avid reader, I can appreciate the special type of writer who expresses himself or herself well in lyrical verse. One of my favorites is Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan”. ‘In Xanadu did Kubla Khan…’


Dale (from the audience): Hey, there was no Khan in “Xanadu”! That was Olivia Newton John! And Khan was in “Star Trek II”! Get your movies straight!


Chip: It wasn’t a…oh, forget it. This year’s nominees for Best Poet are:


- SomeGhol
- Indy


::Chip opens the envelope::


Chip: Hey, it’s a tie! Get up here, you two!


::Indy and SomeGhol rise, but Indy insists on SomeGhol going first, who is speechless at first::


SomeGhol: I can't believe I'm up here with one of my most favorite fic
writers! It's just... wow.


::SomeGhol walks off in a daze, as the audience laughs appreciatively. Indy takes the podium::

Indy: I’m pleased to share this honor with a man who gave us one of the most fitting tributes to a fallen Rangerphile that we could ask for. SomeGhol, you did Andy proud.


::The audience stands and cheers, and SomeGhol comes over and shakes Indy’s hand as they hold up their awards and smile. Chip walks with them as they head offstage::