::Things are pretty quiet in the audience, but not for long. With a war whoop, Uncle Bedivere Fairmont, the Texas prairie bat from Indy and Chris Silva’s stories, comes out on stage::




::The audience shouts back, and Bedivere takes to the podium::

Bedivere: I’m right pleased to be here to award the Best Poetic Imagery award this year. You know, we cowboys are known for our poetry and I’ve brought along a little ditty for the occasion!


::Bedivere pulls out a sheet of paper and clears his throat::


Bedivere: In the golden prairie dawn

When the prairie dogs howl

And the bombardier beetles wake,


It’s roundup time again

At the old Double-D and

Life is fine, make no mistake!


::A small round of applause follows, and Bedivere continues::


Bedivere: Well, I’m not the poet that our nominees are, so I’ll get along with it. The nominees for Best Poetic Imagery are:


- The tutoring lesson from “Cats Don't Direct”, Indy and Chris Silva

- “A Small Tribute To a Good Man”, SomeGhol


Bedivere: Two mighty good hands with a phrase there. And this year’s award goes to…SomeGhol, for “A Small Tribute To a Good Man”!


::The crowd stands as one as the spotlight centers on the one person not standing, name SomeGhol. The big screen shows he appears shocked, and wayc and Winston have to help him to his feet to get him moving. He walks down to the stage and up to the podium where Bedivere congratulates him and SomeGhol takes hold of the award::


SomeGhol: Yikes!


::The audience laughs, which helps SomeGhol to settle down a little::


SomeGhol: I have stage fright you know! I'm not used to this kind of thing like the J.A.M. is after all!

::The audience claps in support of him, and he composes himself enough to talk::

SomeGhol: I never really thought of myself as a poet. I write verse just like I write script, as it comes into my head. The difference is that I don't have to spend hours editing poems because those are supposed to be directly from the heart. Thank you all so much for this honor.


::The applause starts again and SomeGhol leaves the podium, Bedivere escorting him offstage::