::The audience cheers and whistles as Flora Nutcracker-Firalda, now the wife of Steve Nutcracker in CD’s stories, struts over to the stage and prepares to present the award. The band plays “Everybody Needs Somebody”::


Flora: Tonight I’ll be presenting the Best Song Parody award. I think the name says it all, an award that goes out to the best song parody this year. Oh, how I love songs, the ultimate form of creativity! Provided you practice your music skills of course. The candidates for this award are:


Ronnie Rabbit with “Bring Me To Life”

KS's “Tammy's Mom”

Indy's song “The Day RR Was Done”

Chip Chap's “The Gadget-Gaston Song”

Rennod with “Gimme Three Eps”


::Flora takes the envelope, fishing around in her purse for a nail file to open it with. A pair of brass knuckles falls out, which she quickly scoops up and hides::


Flora: Can’t be too careful these days, folks…


::The audience chuckles back some as she opens the envelope::


Flora: The music within will be our winner of tonight. The songwriter who did it his way is KS, for “It’s Tammy’s Mom”!

::The audience applauds as the orchestra plays “Stacy’s Mom” and KS takes the stage and walks up to the podium::

KS: Many nya:wehs! There was no way I couldn’t write that parody. Every time the original song came on the radio it would say "Feed me! Feed me!"

::Tammy’s Mom calls out of the audience, “No, that’s what Bink says every hour, on the hour!” The audience laughs, and KS composes himself.

KS: No, wait, it actually said "Do a parody! Do a parody!" I had to silence the voices so I did the parody, but I’ve been a little squirrelly ever since. Every time I try to think of the title "Stacy’s Mom" I come up with "Tammy’s Mom", and the line "You’re just not the girl for me" is always "You’re just not the squirrel for me". It’s nuts I tell you! It’s driving me up a tree! I’d continue chattering about my nuttiness but I’ve got to go stockpile food and hibernate... I mean, hit the buffet and relax!

::KS proceeds to leave the stage but is heard muttering::

KS: I better not run for public office. My opponent could use this to cast serious doubts about my competence.

::Backstage, KS bumps into Tammy’s mom::

KS: Uh, hope you weren’t insulted by that or anything.

Tammy’s mom: Oh, not at all. In fact, if you’ll come over and rake the leaves from under our tree and mow the grass each week during the summer I think I could forget all about it.

KS: Deal!