::Peeking around the offstage curtain, a pair of inquisitive eyes searches the audience then their owner walks out. It’s Tammy, wearing a sparkling red evening gown. She grins at the adulations, and clearly feels proud to be getting them. Tammy reaches the podium, then focuses on Chip in the audience::

Tammy: Do you want me to reward you too, Chipper?


::The place erupts in laughter, and Chip pulls his fedora down over his head::

Tammy: Aw, we’re just kidding with you. Okay everyone, this year I’m awarding the best flat color image. That means none of the fancy computer enhancements. Let’s see who made the nominees’ list:


- “The Return of Winifred” cover, Jin

- Tammy Modelsheet, Winston

- Dale’s Birthday, Jin


::Tammy gasps::

Tammy: Someone did a model sheet of <I>me</I>? Oh, thank you! I’d like to accept this…oh wait, that’s not the award is it…


Winston (from the audience): It was from me to you!


::Tammy blows him a kiss::

Tammy: Thanks. Oh wait, we’d better see who won.


::Tammy receives the envelope and rips it open::

Tammy: All right, the winner is—<I>oh, it’s Winston</I>!


::Winston stands up, shaking hands with his fellow Rangerphiles. When he gets to the podium, Tammy beckons him to stoop down to her level where she can reach him on top of the podium. She hugs him and gives him a big kiss on the nose, causing Winston to laugh::


Winston: I never really considered this to be much in the way of an ‘artistic’ piece of work - I was just trying to fill a void and provide a resource that no one’s been able to find an official version of. I feel a bit funny about accepting an award for this, because not all of it is my own original work. Some of it is, but some parts of it come from screenshots that I digitally traced over. In that sense, I think that most of this award really goes to whatever animators happened to draw the original cels for ‘Adventures in Squirrelsitting’. Without them, we wouldn’t have this image, or indeed any of these characters to produce fanart of, so I’d like to extend my thanks to them.


::The audience applauds Winston’s gesture, then Winston and Tammy head offstage::