::From stage left, Lahwhinie walks out in high heels and an evening gown patterned after her typical Hawaiian dress. Several whistles and shouts of approval come from the male members of the audience, and Lahwhinie stops::


Lahwhinie: Is that the best you can do?


::The place erupts with shouts and whistles, and Lahwhinie drinks in the attention::


Lahwhinie: That’s more like it.


::She saunters up to the podium, then appears to be looking for something::

Lahwhinie: Oh, where’s that thingy I’m supposed to read from?


::Chip holds out a piece of paper from offstage::

Chip: You mean your list?


Lahwhinie: Yeah, my list. Be a dear and bring it here, Chirp.


::The audience laughs a little at Lahwhinie’s name for Chip as he walks out and hands the note to her. She grabs his arm before he can leave::

Lahwhinie: You’re just such a sweetie. I think you deserve a reward.


::Chip mutters, “Not in front of everyone…” but Lahwhinie blissfully ignores him and kisses him on the cheek, getting another “Wooooooooo!” from the audience. Dale stands up at his chair::

Dale: Chip and Lahwhinie sitting in a tree…


Chip: That does it!


::Chip jumps off the stage, running after Dale, who laughs and repeats the little ditty all over the auditorium. Lahwhinie waits for the pandemonium to wear down—which it does when the two munks leave the main auditorium and continue their chase in the halls outside::

Lahwhinie: My money’s on the badly-dressed one.


::The audience laughs some more and she continues::


Lahwhinie: Now what was I here for…oh yeah. I’m here to present the award for this year’s best rendered color image. As I understand it, that means one that was colored on the computer. I personally never use computers, but then there’s not a whole lot of call for them on the beach in Hawaii. Anyway, here’s the nominees:


- "The Untold Ranger Tales" cover, Charles Williams and Indy

- Reflections, by Tanka and Lawhinie HellDale

- Chip and Dale at the Bar, Ilya Pestov


::Lahwhinie looks at the last item again::

Lahwhinie: Those two, at a bar? That’s about as likely as Shaka Baka wiping out on a three-foot swell. Anyway, let’s see who won this thing…


::Lahwhinie brings out her nail file and opens the envelope::

Lahwhinie: It’s “The Untold Ranger Tales” cover!


::Indy comes up on stage and accepts the trophy from Lahwhinie::

Indy: Wow, I guess you really liked that cover, huh?


::The audience shouts in the affirmative::

Indy: Well I do too. I’m really honored to share this award with Charles Williams, and I know he’s pleased that his artwork is still treasured by the Rangerphiles. Thank you all!


::The audience claps and Indy and Lahwhinie leave the stage together. After a minute, Chip and Dale return to the main auditorium. Dale’s gold derby is missing and both munks look a little worse for wear. However they sit down next to each other and await the next award::