::Neobat takes the stage next, flapping through the air. He is wearing a tuxedo modified for a bat, and lands behind the podium. He waves to Uncle Bedivere, who whoops and waves back to him::


Neobat: Ladies and gentlemen, our next presenter might be a little shy. This is the first time she’s spoken in public so be patient with her if she falters a bit. Now with that said, here to present the nominees for Best Portrait of a Ranger, Ms. Rebecca Corrigan-Fairmont.


::From stage right she glides in and lands on the podium in front of NeoBat. The little golden furred neo smiles nervously out at the audience, her amber eyes searching the faces and finally come to rest on her adopted parents, Alex and Alicia. She timidly lifts a small hand and waves to them. NeoBat adjusts the microphone to pick up Rebecca’s voice without blocking the audience’s view of her. Nervously Rebecca fidgets with her black evening dress and then with the small amber pendant on her necklace. She looks back at NeoBat who smiles and gives her a little wink. Turning back to the mike, Rebecca gives a little cough and clears her throat::


Rebecca: I’m really happy to be here this evening. It’s a real honor for a rookie like me to be asked to be a presenter here. This just caps off a whirlwind year for me. A year where I met the Rangers, was adopted and met my boyfriend.


::Once again she waves into the audience and it is returned by a young, black furred mouse in shades seated next to Alex. After a little giggle Rebecca returns her attention to the matter at hand::


Rebecca: Sorry about that folks. I’d best get on with this before they yank me off the stage. The nominees in the category of Best Portrait of a Ranger are…


“Tammy Modelsheet” by Winston

“The Reflection” by Tanka

“Gadget, stuttering when recognizing Chip”, from “Of Mice and Mayhem” by Fish.


::NeoBat hands Rebecca a rodent-sized envelope, which she opens::


Rebecca:  And the winner is…Fish!


::Fish comes up again, not running quite as fast now from his high perch over the audience. He takes the stage, looking sheepish::


Fish: I am VERY embarrassed. It was just a simple line drawing. Surprisingly, I had no trouble convincing Gadget to pose for the shot. She wore a striped body stocking.


::Gadget semi-blushes in the audience, and the crowd applauds as Fish takes his award and retires back to the mezzanine::


Rebecca: Well, good evening folks and once again thanks for having me here. Oh, Drake could you meet me backstage please? They’re going to be taking pictures and I’d like you to be there. C’mon, big guy, give me a lift offstage.


::Rebecca leaps up onto NeoBat’s shoulder. There she takes a seat as he and she leave the stage::