Dr. Batorious: And we are back. Presenting the Best Online Comic award will be one of world’s great comic book lovers…


::Dale runs out, hollering, “Fish, Fish, Fish!” Some scattered laughs come from the audience as he climbs up the podium::

Dale: Hey Fish, you need a flag of your own like The J.A.M. has!


::The spotlight centers on Fish in the mezzanine, who was already laughing at Dale’s antics. He pulls out a large sketchpad and quickly draws a flag image with the representation of a big fish in the middle of it::


Fish: Will this do?


Dale: You bet! I’ll be down to get it soon as…or actually, I won’t have to. But we might as well go through the formality…


Chip (from the audience): Dale, don’t spoil it!


Dale: You really think they’d vote for someone else this year?


::Dale razzes Chip and turns his attention to the audience::


Dale: Pow! Zammo! Spiffo! Comic books are great! Okay, maybe you can’t solve crimes with them, but you sure can learn a lot of neat things and it’s great to pretend you’re Kablammo Man or the Living Spud. So this award goes out to the best Rangerphile-created online comic for this year.


::From the audience, where Fish has been drawing more of his flags, wayc and Ronnie Rabbit hold up a couple of the makeshift banners with a resounding, “Fish! Fish! Fish!”::


Dale: That’s the spirit. And the nominees are:


- “Of Mice and Mayhem”

- Foxhound’s Comic Strip


Dale: I wonder who won…


::The audience chuckles, even Foxhound joining in. Dale opens the envelope, peeking into it, then runs up to the Mezzanine, pulling Foxglove with him::


Foxglove: What are we doing up here, darling? Aren’t you supposed to announce it down there?

Dale: Well yeah, but I want to get to celebrate too! And the winner is…yes, it’s Fish!


<img src= “http://www.indyranger.com/WooHoo.jpg”>


::Fish runs down from the mezzanine, jumping up on stage::


Fish: Thanks everyone- and here’s to inspiring more on-line CDRR comics in the future! I am now planting a big ol smooch on an unsuspecting Halle Berry.


::The audience laughs, and Fish holds up his award then heads back for his seat. Dr. Batorious’ voice comes over the loudspeaker::


Dr. Batorious: We’ve got a five-minute break, and then we’ll return with the awards for Best Costuming through Best Artwork. It’s all ahead on the Golden Acorn awards!


(Emcee’s note: For the newbies, there are several breaks in the program to help deal with its length and introduce a fun storyline (and an additional piece of entertainment at one of the breaks). The “break” material is actually written into the show, but you are free to get up and stretch your legs if you need to. The break post will follow in a few moments after this one.)