::Flash The Wonder Dog and Thunderbolt enter the scene while the start of Jean Michel Jarre's ‘Chronologie Part 4’ is playing in the background. After the music, Flash begins the presentation at the podium::

Flash:  This has been the year of superhero live action movies, and many of those superheroes live in New York City, including The Rescue Rangers who have their hands full with villains like Nimnul, Rat Capone and Fat Cat.

::Thunderbolt pushes his way to the mike::

Thunderbolt: 101 Dalmatians was so big a success that I had a bigger role in 101 Dalmatians II this year with my sidekick, and it is such an honor to star in this show!

Flash: Well, nothing like a little self-plug there…

::The audience chuckles and Flash takes over again::

Flash: I am going to present the seven nominations for Best Website. Some of the contenders this year include a certain website dedicated to Foxglove, the Acorn Café, and one of the many Russian RR websites, the Russian CDRR Portal!

::Flash waits to see if Thunderbolt will try to interject again, then continues::

Flash: And the nominated web sites are:

- The Foxglove Feature

- JoneScientific

- The Russian CDRR Portal

- Zanzibar's web site

- The Acorn Café

- CD's Rescue Ranger Roadhouse

::After the crowd cheers Flash gives his famous ‘Woof woof woof WOOF woof!’ and opens the envelope::

Flash:  And the winner is ...the Foxglove Feature!

::A wave of pleased surprise goes through the crowd as Jaleel stands up in the audience and the spotlight frames him. Quickly he makes his way to the front and the podium, where he holds up his acorn for all to see::

Jaleel: I'm really happy that people still regard the Foxglove Feature as one of the best websites to visit in the Rescue Ranger fandom. There's a lot of great RR sites out there now, and I'm sure given the Feature's lack of updates, it wasn't an easy decision to make. These days, work, my first home, and other experiences have filled quite a schedule. But honestly, though some days keeping the Feature updated was a truly a labor of love, at the time it offered one of few chances in life to be creative, and to have fun.

::The audience interrupts with applause, then Jaleel continues::

Jaleel: It's people like you that made The Feature an enjoyable experience, and I hope that someday that chance will come again. Like a lot of Foxyphiles, it's hard to stay away from that cute bat for too long...thank you!

::The crowd cheers again as Jaleel takes his award and heads offstage, escorted by the two trusty canines. Dr. Batorious’ voice comes over the loudspeaker::

Dr. Batorious: That concludes the website categories; however, we are going to have one more award before we break, so hang around for the Best Online Comic award…