::As the orchestra plays, “My Destiny”, Clarice comes out from stage left. She’s wearing a dark blue evening gown with electric blue glitter all over it, and begins throwing kisses. Many of the male audience members whistle and whoop it up, and Clarice laughs as she assumes the podium::


Clarice: Well, maybe I should come here more often!


::A series of encouraging yells shows the audiences agreement. From the third year, CD yells, ‘Every night, Clarice!’ This gets another good round of laughs::


Clarice: How sweet. Well, I’m here to award the Golden Acorn for Best Website Content. There’s a lot of great websites in the Ranger fan community, but the one with the best website content has the most stuff that we all love to see! Now, let’s see our nominees:


- JoneScientific

- The Russian CDRR Portal


Clarice: Two of the best on the web for my dollar. Okay, now for the winner…


::Clarice receives the envelope and begins humming, “You Light Up My Life”, which causes a few in the audience to beg her to sing::

Clarice: Later, boys. Right now, I’ve got to tell you that it’s the Russian CDRR Portal again!


::The orchestra plays “From Russia With Love” as Indy comes back on stage::

Indy: Alex says that he’s really proud of this award, with all the hard work he put in on the Portal’s content, and glad that the Ranger fans enjoy it so much.


::Indy leaves, and the crowd once again begs Clarice to sing. She smiles but shakes her head::

Clarice: Don’t worry, I’ll be back.


::Clarice waves and smiles as she leaves the stage to the sound of whistling and clapping::