::From stage right June Redtalon is wheeled into view in a wheelchair. The young male pushing her along continues until they reach the podium at the center of the stage. Coming to a stop, he helps his elder to her feet and pulls the wheelchair back so as not to be in the way, then politely stands back himself. As the elder prepares to speak, a young female mouse sprints out from stage left, her short black hair bouncing about as she runs. Her blue jeans are clearly visible as her black cloak billows out behind her. Stopping at the podium she quickly whispers something to the elder mouse. The microphone is just barely able to receive the elder’s response::

June: No, Rafen, I haffn’t seen your mother’s weasel. And this is hardly an appropriate time to ask. At the fery least you could haff made yourself infisible.

::Raven slaps her forehead as her exasperated response is overheard::

Raven: Ai! I knew I forgot something!

::June politely but firmly shoes the young lady off. Once Rave is offstage, June proceeds with the presentation::

June: Sorry about that, Doohickey’s weasel, Snoop, Wally, Plasterboard- whateffer he’s called... Anyhow, he’s loose. Website Layout...

::June looks over the notes she’d been given while some of the smaller creatures in the audience appear nervous, then she continues sarcastically::

June: Oh, cute, haffing an old person present an award for something infolving the Internet. A certain writer is going to get a cane upside the head once I’m done here. (continuing more professionally, with her accent less noticeable) Anyhow, according to what these notes say, the award for Best Website Layout goes to the person whose website shows a level of organization, creativity, and thought that makes the site not only informative and useful but also a joy to visit and a preferred stop on the information superhighway... If I’m visiting they’d better have facilities and a place to sit.

::Her jest gets a smattering of laughter form the elder members of the audience::

June: Getting down the business, the nominees are:

The Russian CDRR Portal


The Acorn Cafe

::Turning back as much as her condition allows, she addresses her companion::

June: Ken, the envelope please...

::Taking hold of the envelope, she opens it and looks in for the card on which the recipient’s name is etched...she then quickly closes the envelope and looks blankly towards the audience, then looks back towards Ken and whispers barely loud enough for the microphone to overhear::

June: I found Dee’s weasel.

::Shaking her head she overturns the envelope and vigorously shakes it...soon a grey weasel spills out onto the stage with a ‘flumpf’. Once the weasel stands up, he and June stare at each other...off to stage left, a small paper bag becomes visible as it’s dangled temptingly. Those with sharp eyesight can make out the words ‘Bag-O-Mystery’ written on the side. The weasel’s head wheels about and he scampers off after the bag which is quickly withdrawn offstage. With a sigh, June continues::

June: The winner is...The Russian CDRR Portal!

::Indy walks up to the podium, and June eyes him suspiciously::

June: Hey buster, you deaf? I said the other guy won!

Indy: I know he did, but I’m also here to announce that Alex can’t be here and I’m accepting his award for him.

June: Likely story. You behaffe yourself, fedora boy, or I can get that weasel back out here.

::Indy grins, nodded::

Indy: Yes, ma’am. Anyway, Alex wanted me to pass along his thanks to everyone, but he can’t speak a word of English. He appreciates the recognition and plans to keep the Portal updated with new and interesting Ranger-related things for a long time to come.

::As the crowd claps in response, June and Indy head offstage. June still appears suspicious of him, and goes off to see what her companions have done with the weasel::