::Dale strides out, complete with his polka-dot tie and his striped, multicolor sport coat. He seems obvious to the many comments he gets from the audience, and quickly climbs the podium as the camera zooms in on him, the big screen showing him in closeup::

Dale: Hiya, everyone! Mexico, Mexico, Mexico!

::The audience laughs as The J.A.M. stands up, waving his Mexican flag::

Dale: Man, that was fun last year! For a while, you just knew who was going to win. Okay, for this year, I’m starting off the website categories with “Best Original Section”. Chip says I’m a total original, so that’s why he volunteered me for this.


::The crowd nods and responds with some scattered laughs::

Dale: The best original website section shows real creativity and a lot of thought, plus it has to be entertaining while capturing and maintaining the interest of a bunch of Rangerphiles. Sort of like the time I caught the attention of all the Rangers when I was practicing fire-eating in Headquarters. It was original, entertaining, and took me some real creativity and thought to keep ahead of Chip when I set fire to the sofa!


::The big screen shot shifts to a close-up of Chip, in the audience with the other Rangers, his arms crossed and a stony look on his face. Gadget laughs, and soon Chip and the other Rangers join in::

Dale: Now where was I…oh yeah, the nominees. Okay, here they are:


- Kissy Munks, lotacats

- Original characters guide, Zanzibar

- Captions Page, Indy

- CDRR Mistakes and Trivia, Tanka

- "Of Mice and Mayhem"


::Dale receives the envelope and tears it open::

Dale: YOW! Paper cut!


::Dale holds up his finger, giggling::

Dale: Made you look! And now the winner—Indy, for the Captions Page!


::Applause breaks out as Indy stands up. He walks on stage, where Dale high-fives him, which isn’t so high considering. Indy picks up his award from the podium and focuses on the audience::

Indy: We’ve just started our third year of captions, and I believe the weekly contests are as popular as ever. It all started back in 2001 when one day I realized our fair community needed something that everyone could do. I’ve always enjoyed making captions, so I reasoned others would too. Seems I was right. Thanks, everyone!


::Dale and Indy leave the stage together to the applause of the audience. Dale immediately heads for the food table, where they’re serving bananas flambé. A collective “NO!” is heard backstage, along with the sounds of a fire extinguisher::