::As the Lifetime Achievement Award is wheeled by on a special cart, guarded by all the Rescue Rangers and Rennod (armed with his trusty six-foot Bo staff,) the small hooded human figure takes his position behind the stage curtain opposite the Award’s guard detail. A small evil chuckle ripples through him.


Nimnul: Oooh, look at the fools! Thinking their precious award is safe from me, never suspecting that soon, I’ll have what’s rightfully mine and they’ll be left sitting there looking like so many pitiful suckers!


::The professor smiles and cackles with glee::


Nimnul: And it is rightfully mine! They wouldn’t be half the heroes their verminous hides are made out to be without me. This whole <I>show</I> should have been about me! All along they should have been celebrating <I>my</I> genius, instead of boring “heroic” exploits by some low-grade vigilante rodentia! Instead they laugh! They <I>laugh</I>! Well, soon, <I>I’ll</I> be the one laughing at all of <I>them</I>! And I’ll enjoy every nanosecond of it before I calculate the savoriest means to efficiently crush them all...


::He continues to work himself up, ranting into a frenzy, as the show goes on and the moment draws near::