::Man-Child walks out onto stage. He is accompanied by his faithful cat Blue and by a large female wolf spider, which is perched prominently on the end of his nose::


Man-Child:  Good morning [or evening, or whatever time of day it is]. Blue and I have been asked to announce the winner of the Best All-Time Rescue Ranger fanfic. Isn't that right, boy?


Blue:  <I><B>WOW</B></I>???


Man-Child:  Yes Blue, it certainly is an honor. And just what kind of fic would it take to qualify as the best RR fanfic of all time?


Blue:  <I><B>WOW???</B></I>


(Translation:  With around four hundred fanfiction stories written about the Rangers over the years, there are plenty to choose a favorite from. Epic tales, short stories, crossovers and what-ifs--the Ranger story collection has it all. The best all-time fanfic is one that in the opinion of the majority of Rangerphile readers combines superb writing with great character portrayals to create an unforgettable work that clearly stands above its peers.)


Man-Child:  Elegantly put, Blue. You--you're just so . . .<I>fluffy!!!</I>"


::Man-Child rubs the irresistible cat under his chin, sending him into a purring frenzy. Eventually the host "Psst!"'s him and comes on stage with another plaque::


Indy: We’ve got another amendment, folks. From here on, the Best All-Time Fanfic award will be known as the Tex Henson Best All-Time Fanfic award, in honor of the man who created our beloved chipmunks and made the Rangers’ existence possible.


::Indy holds up the plaque, and the crowd stands and applauds again, then Indy turns the presentation back over to Man-Child::


Man-Child:  Yes . . .well. . . anyway, the winner for the Tex Henson Best All-Time Rescue Ranger Fanfic is . . . umm . . .


::Man-Child squints. He finally realizes the wolf spider on the end of his nose is obscuring his vision. He blows at the end of his nose and she scurries onto the top of his head::


Man-Child:  And the winner is . . .


::Man-Child looks to Blue. Blue looks to the wolf spider. The wolf spider produces the envelope and announces the winner in a pleasant, feminine voice::


Wolf Spider:  And the winner is…Rhyme and Reason!


::The crowd stands again, shouting and whistling. Indy returns on stage, going to the podium::


Indy: Unfortunately, Mike couldn’t be with us tonight. Mike Demcio created the Ranger novel movement, so I can think of no more fitting person to receive this highest award. Every author that’s come after him owes a lot to his creative prowess. I voted for this story, because it more than deserved this high recognition. Mike, hope you’re watching out there, because there’s a lot of people here that appreciate what you did for us!


::The crowds applauds as one, and Indy shakes hands with Man-Child, who finds himself blissfully surrounded by most of the female cast from “Untold Ranger Tales”. Indy grins, as he’d arranged this, then nods to the girls. Each one gives Man-Child a kiss on the cheek, which sends him floating up toward the ceiling. The wolf spider jumps on Man-Child’s shoulder, eager for the view from up above. Fortunately, Blue anticipated his master’s reaction and has a string attached to Man-Child’s leg. The cat trots off as the stage empties, hauling him off like a balloon::