Kat: Guess it's my turn...


::Kat mumbles to herself as she walks toward the presentation area. As the cat-eared girl walks across the stage, many onlookers notice that for once Kat -isn't- wearing blue jeans; instead, she is wearing blue dress pants with a matching blue vest over a white blouse. Kat adjusts the microphone::


Kat: Heh...many of you probably know me and know that I tend to talk to my Writer. Perhaps the management here figured that alone would qualify me to present the next award, which is for the Best All-Time Author.


::Kat chuckles briefly, then continues::


Kat: No community has been more blessed than ours with great writers. Since the time the first fanfiction was written a decade ago, talented writers have aspired to fill in the plot holes left by the series and to develop those beloved characters we all cherish so much. Being named best of all Rangerphile authors is a distinction that puts one in a very rare class of creativity, storytelling, and feeling for both characters and audience.


::A few people in the audience do a double-take as 3 glowing blue lines appear in the air near Kat.  The "lines" spread until they formed a glowing blue portal. A mouse-like person, who bears a vague resemblance to Gadget (or Lahwhinie), steps out of the portal and hands a sealed envelope to Kat::


Kat: Er..thanks, Kuwani.


::Kat takes the envelope and breaks the seal::


Kat: And the winner is…wow. Indy and Chris Silva!


::Indy and Chris stand up, amazed. The crowd claps wildly, and the two authors come forward to take the stage again. Indy takes hold of his award, speechless for a moment::


Indy: I don't know that there are words to go with this award. I thought Mike Demcio had this one for sure. Really, it's something that awes me, because there are so many fine authors in this community that are equally deserving of this honor. To be honored tonight as we have by our peers is something I'll never forget and will always treasure. Chris, do you have any words?


Chris (staring at his award): Not really. I'm stunned that we were chosen. I'm glad the Cafe had an open mind and gave us a shot.


Indy: As am I. John Nowak, Mike Demcio, Matt Plotecher, Man-Child, KS, Rennod—all Rangerphile authors, I'm honored to be in your company and to write along with some of the most talented people on the net. Thank you, very much!


::Indy and Chris wave to the audience, who applaud and shout loudly. Kat and Kuwani escort them off stage::