::From off-stage on either side emerges two individuals who proceed to walk towards the podium at center-stage. One, a human, has long blond hair tied back in a ponytail and bears a neatly trimmed beard. Dressed in the typical black-tie apparel appropriate for such prestigious occasions, he wears a pair of glasses, and some in the audience notice the metallic glint of the key chain dangling from a belt loop on his slacks. His counterpart, a wolf, possesses dark gray fur leading from the tip of his snout to the tip of his tail, light gray fur leading from his chin to his tail and hints of tan between the two. The canine’s black-tie apparel is simply a black tie::


::Meeting at the podium, the two stand side by side before the single microphone. They are Kevin Sharbaugh and his creation, Romulus the wolf::


Romulus: Amigos, it is imperative that we crush the freedom fighters before the start of the rainy season! And a shiny new donkey to the man who brings me the head of General Montoya!


::There is a smattering of laughter from the audience at the wolf’s repartee::


Kevin (with sarcasm): Thank you, Montgomery Burns.


::Turning to address the audience, he proceeds with the presentation::


Kevin: "Hae’, ögwadeo'shö'! That is, ‘Greetings, my friends’! Some of you may recognize me as ‘KS’ from the Acorn Cafe, and with me is Romulus, from several of my fanfics. Please excuse his behavior; he stayed up late last night watching a Simpson’s marathon. We are here to present the Golden Acorn for Best All-Time Artwork.


Indy: Hold it!


::Indy walks out, with a special plaque in his hands::


Indy: Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement. The award for Best All-Time Artwork has now been amended. It is now the Deborah Walley Best All-Time Artwork award.


::The crowd stands and claps in respect, growing louder by the moment. Romulus holds his head up high, proud at being included in such a high honor::


Indy: This memorial plaque will be placed in this theater to commemorate the renaming, and to display the list of winners. Kevin, it’s all yours again.


 ::And Kevin continues::


Kevin: This now very special award goes to the artist who created a single work of art that displays, in image, what we all see as the best of the Rangers, and of ourselves. And as such is deemed the finest artwork produced by someone within our community.


::Kevin fumbles around for something::


Kevin: Now, since I don’t want to keep y’all in suspense...


::Finally finding what he was looking for, he blurts out, "The envelope!"::


Romulus: Excellent!


::Romulus grins malevolently, drumming his fingers together. Breaking the seal on the envelope, KS pulls out a folded sheet of paper::


Kevin: The winner of the Golden Acorn for the Deborah Walley Best All-Time Artwork award is...


::He unfolds the paper::


Romulus (shrieking): AAHHH!!!


::This causes everyone to jump::


Romulus: What horrible penmanship! Did you write this?


KS: I was holding it upside-down!


::Righting the paper, he displayed it to his companion::


KS:  See?


::The most appropriate response Romulus could muster was simply, "D’oh!"::


KS: Now that we’ve dispensed with the shrieking, at least for the time being…the winner is—ho, ho, a tie! They’re both for Charles Williams, though, for his artwork for Matt Plotecher’s “Plots” and for Indy’s “Times of Their Lives”.


::Indy comes on stage again::

Indy: Let me say a few words about Charles. I think the cover he did for “Times of Their Lives” really captured all the essence of that story, something I thought couldn’t be done in one picture. He brought the thoughts I put into it to life in a way that was so close to what I was thinking, it was uncanny. My thanks to you, Charles, for that excellent work.


::The audience claps and Indy pulls out a letter::


Indy: As you know, Matt couldn’t be here tonight, but he gave me this letter, expressing his own thoughts about Charles. “What I liked most of all about Charles was his very modest approach to himself and his work. He once mentioned that he just used ordinary typing paper and colored papers, and yet he still churned out incredible results. Charles was also very open to requests and tried to tackle as many of them as he could. I can't think of a more amiable artist in the Rangerphile community.


::The crowd applauds in agreement::

Indy (reading Matt’s letter): As for his drawings from the story "Plots," they were the first I ever received from him, and I can't think of a better way to be first introduced to his talent. His "Plots" drawing captured the scene perfectly, and remains one of my personal favorites.


::The crowds claps loudly and Indy and KS leave the stage::