::Medium shot of stage. Over polite applause, Widget enters from stage left and stands behind the podium. Widget lays a clipboard onto the podium and gets ready to speak. The applause gradually dies down and stops, except for one pair of tiny, tiny, paws. After a few moments of this, Widget glances up, wondering what the deal is::


::CUT TO: shot of the audience. Zoom in on a row of seats where Gimcrack and Jürgen sit, Gimcrack in a booster seat. A medium-sized, blonde female squirrel with glasses sits with them. Gimcrack is still applauding enthusiastically. After a bit, he glances around and stops clapping::


::CUT TO: Widget at the podium::


Widget: Thank you, everyone, for that friendly greeting; and I’d like to introduce you to the people who came with me.


::CUT TO: spotlighted seats in the audience::


Widget: First, my husband Jürgen, and our son Gimcrack who’s going to be seven months old just next week, and last but not least, my caseworker Mandy O’Twaddle who works for the Department of Recovering Evil Animals Rebuilding Yadda-yadda for Staten City, but I consider her part of the family now. She’s really been a big help with my twisted desire to dominate all that stands in my path, and has helped me get over my little problems with rage whenever I’m crossed. When life gave me lemons, I used to burn the citrus orchard to the ground. But now, I just make lemonade!


::SLOW PAN of audience, applauding heartily, finishing on Widget’s family’s row. Mandy beams happily. Jürgen applauds. Gimcrack looks at his father, askance, as though wondering which planet he just landed on. Jürgen touches his lips with his fingertip, frowning slightly, and Gimcrack immediately grins widely and applauds again::


::CUT TO: Widget at the podium::


Widget: But we are here to present an award to the greatest artist in Rescue Ranger fan history. This is no small award. It is unbounded by time and geography; a competition wherein only talent matters. It is an award that allows the cream to rise above mediocrity.


::CHANGE Camera angle. Widget is now seen from the side, one hand raised::


Widget: It is an award presented to the strongest of the strong. It is an award that proclaims, “Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!”


::CUT TO: Widget’s row. Gimcrack beams. Mandy purses her lips. Jürgen appears to have a slight sinus headache::


::CUT TO: Widget, close. Her hand is now a fist, her eyes shining with unholy light::


Widget: It is an award which riseth above the unwashed and babbling horde! It is an award which maketh mock of the weak-minded and decadent! This award says, “The best you can do is not enough! To win is not enough!” It is an award of global, artistic, SUPREMACY!


::As Widget’s voice echoes dramatically, slow pan of the horrified audience, staring with huge eyes. The only sound is Mandy, quietly making notes with a pencil while Jürgen looks at her sadly. Gimcrack grins.::


Gimcrack: Whee!


::CUT TO: Widget, behind the podium. She realizes she’s gone a tiny bit over the line. She smiles nervously::


Widget: And, uh, he’s a real nice guy, and he’s agreed to send me a cute picture of Gimcrack, and another of Jürgen in a Speedo…


::CUT TO: Widget’s row. Jürgen flinches and slaps his head::


::CUT TO: Widget, looking strangely subdued::


Widget: And the winner is, hey no surprise here. Charles Williams!


::Indy walks up, and Widget makes one of her most astute comments::


Widget: Hey, you’re not Charles!


Indy: Quite right, Widget. Charles couldn’t be here tonight, so again I’d like to say some words on his behalf.


::The lights dim a bit, and pictures of Charles’ works appear on the big screen behind Indy::


Indy: When Charles first joined us at the old Café, we had no idea of what we were in for. He claimed to be a janitor at one time, but the rampant speculation was that he was actually an art instructor at a university in Alaska. As to his current whereabouts, we have no idea, but wherever he is he changed this community forever.


::The big screen shows various drawings of Charles’ from his “Rhyme and Reason” series::


Indy: The culmination of his work was illustrating the unforgettable scenes from Mike Demcio’s “Rhyme and Reason”. Nothing has surpassed this labor of love, and today we thank Charles Williams for this treasure and for all the other treasures that have come from his hand. Charles, you’re one in a million!


::The lights come back up, and the audience stands and claps. Indy holds up the trophy, to be sent to Charles as soon as he’s located. Widget accompanies Indy offstage::