::Robert Knaus walks onto the stage, amidst the sounds of deafening applause. The spotlights train on him. Sandy-haired, bespectacled, late-20's, he raises his hand and waves to the crowd as he takes his place behind the podium and adjusts the microphone::


Robert: I have been honored enough to be asked to present tonight's award for Best All-Time Ranger-Related Website.


::Robert shuffles his cue cards, studying them::


Robert:  It's no difficult task to slap a few screencaps on the web, or some fanfiction, or even some fan art. Yet many of these small pages go neglected for weeks, months, even years, the creators' interest in the Rangers having waned, or lacking the time to update them. Tonight's winner is one of the few Ranger fans to have crafted a page that *demands* to be bookmarked.


::Robert adjusts his glasses, then continues as various Ranger websites are shown on the big screen behind him::


Robert: One who creates a page that's updated frequently, with constant, high-quality content that *makes* the viewer want to come back again and again. One who helps keep the flame of Ranger fandom burning brightly, fighting back the near-extinguishing of interest in the series that came about in the mid-90's. That new fans continue to bloom even to this day are due in no small fact to people like tonight's winner, who have selflessly dedicated themselves to preserving the Rescue Rangers for future generations to savor. And without further ado, I give you tonight's winner for Best All-Time Website.


::Robert picks up the sealed envelope from the podium before him and breaks the seal with his finger, removing the folded sheet of paper within and holding it up to be read.


Robert: And the winner is The RR Database, for Matt Plotecher!


::The crowd stands and applauds. Skip enters from the side, and smiles and waves to the gathered people. He also gives a respectful nod to the orchestra pit, and then steps up to the podium::


 Skip: Heya everybody! As you've been told a dozen or so times by now, Matt couldn't make it, and so he asked me to be his stand-in for this award. And I have to tell you, it really makes him feel good, because the Database is doing exactly what it was meant to, and be a warehouse, crossroads, and repository for the various Ranger works out there, lest they be lost forever to the ether. And don't worry, he hasn't forgotten about it, either. Time allowing, he has some updating to do. And as long as he can, he plans to keep the site up and running for the foreseeable future. Thanks a bunch, gang!


::He waves again as he takes the award and heads back offstage. Robert claps, and follows::