::The crowd applauds as Mercy Stoneturner and Flora Firalda get on stage, some even whistle at them. Flora's in her normal turquoise strapless dress, belt and pants with red polka dots. Mercy's wearing her yellow tight strapless dress. The band plays "Buttercup - I'm a Super Girl"::


Mercy: Thank you all. You really, REALLY love me! I always hoped for this to happen, ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a famous celebrity.


::Flora elbows Mercy::


Flora: We're here to present an award, not take it.


Mercy: Oh yeah, right. But this is my one shot at fame and glory, don't spoil it now!


::Flora pushes Mercy away from the microphone stand.::


Flora: All right. Ladies and gentlemice, it's our honor to...


::Mercy pushes Flora back::


Mercy: Hey, I'm in this too!


Flora: We're doing this together remember? I'll tell you when it's your turn. As I was saying, it's our honor to present this year’s Golden Acorn Awards, and we'll be presenting you a very special award: the Most Prolific Award.


::Flora elbows Mercy::


Mercy: Ow! This award is given to that one Rangerphile that has stuck out his neck for others and who did his best to entertain the rest of this community with fanfics, artwork, websites and the like. It's reserved for someone who spends most of his time, if not all, around the Acorn Cafe or other Ranger sites. Someone who fully dedicated his life to all things rangery and who strives to improve other Rangerphiles’ lives with extreme zeal.


::Flora takes the envelope and opens it.::


Flora: The winner of the Most Prolific Award is...


Mercy: ARE…Ray Jones and 8-Bit Star! Okay, dim the lights again—for you Internet people, just <a href=http://www.freewebs.com/nes_star/Accept3.html> click the link</a> and follow along for 8-Bit’s acceptance…


::Everyone watches the presentation, and then the lights come up again::


Dr. Batorious (announcing): And now, to accept the second award of most prolific for Ray Jones, Monterey Jack and Zipper!


::Zipper  buzzes up above the podium. Monty hops up onto the top immediately afterward.


Zipper: Bzzzzzz


Monty: Right you are, Zippah! It's great to be here to present this award to Ray Jones for being the most long-winded Rangerphile. Though why they chose me, the very picture 'o brevity, I don't know.


Indy (off stage): Most prolific!


Monty: Eh?


Zipper: Bzzzzzzzzzz?


Indy: Most prolific, not most long-winded!


::Monty straightens himself up and looks around, a bit nervous::


Monty: Well, 'e does have two grown sons, Jackson and Jesse, but <I>crikey</I>! - I didn't think THAT'S what was meant!


::Indy covers his face with his hand::


Indy: No, Monty, we mean he does a lot of Ranger things.


Monty: Oh! You mean like putting the Calendar together every month, and making those statues and pictures, and writing in to the Café.


Indy: Yes!


Monty: Well then!


Zipper: Bzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Monty (stage whisper to Zipper): Bloody crackers, they are, if you ask me! Giving a bloke an award for lack 'o focus... (normal voice to the audience) Anyway, looks like our Mr. Jones is trying to be a Jack-of-all-trades here in the Rangerverse. The calendar's a nice piece of work - some great stuff there.  Not bad for cuttin' and pastin'. The pictures and the sculpys are getting' better with practice. 'E don't mind givin' out with a little advice - and far as I've 'eard, it hasn't killed anybody yet. All an' all 'e likes to stay busy with Rangery things – empty nest syndrome, don'cha know and I…I…


 Zipper: Bzzzzzzzzzzz?


 Monty: Zippah?  Don't ya smell it pally?


 Zipper: Bzzzzzzz?


 Monty: Someone just came in with a plate 'o...Nachos!


 Zipper: BZZZZZ!!!!!


 Monty: Ch -  ch - chu - EEEEEEEZE!!!!!


 Indy: Monty! No! Come back! Oh man, there he goes!


 ::From one of the seats in the upper balcony comes a loud SHRIEK. Indy runs out on stage::


 Indy: Quick! Bring out the next presentation!


 ::From the same area in the same upper balcony come the bellowing words, “COLD PAWS!!!!” Zipper shakes his head, and follows Mercy and Flora off stage::