::With a round of polite applause, Steve “Steelnerve” Nutcracker, the reformed chipmunk from CD’s stories, enters stage left. He is dressed in his casual Hawaiian outfit—green shirt with red flowers, low brimmed straw hat with red band, white pants with a red stripe left and right along with his trusty old walking cane with a diamond on top. “Little Girl” plays as he gets over to the microphone stand::


Steve (muttering): This looks like the work of my author, go figure…


::Steve settles in at the podium and faces the audience::


Steve: Thank you, thank you, you’re marvelous! I’ll be the one presenting the next award, the Biggest Nutcase award—a title that fits my creator quite well I must say.


CD (from the audience): Take that back!


Steve: Nope, I won’t. It suits you, all right! Oh yes, and Norton Nimnul. However, this award is not to be considered an insult to your mental state, but it proves that you are capable of making people laugh and that your comments are sudden, fitting and funny to say the least. Your jokes make people laugh when they most need it and although you might look stupid in the eyes of real grumpy people, your are loved by everyone with a sense of humor.


::Steve takes and opens the envelope::


Steve: And this crown on someone’s performance goes out to Schroeder!


::Schroeder yells from his seat in the audience::


Schroeder: MEXICO, MEXICO! Oh wait, that’s not me…


::The audience laughs, and one jaguar in particular, as Schroeder takes the stage::


Schroeder: First of all, thank you for presenting this award to me—I'm happy to know my humor is enjoyed so much by the Rangerphile community.  I'll place this award by the straitjacket in my personal rubber room…


::The audience laughs again, and Schroeder holds up his award::


 Schroeder: …and here's hoping for more fun for years to come!! Thankyew


::The audience claps and Steve turns to escort Schroeder off the stage. Steve stops when Schroeder won’t leave first, suspecting mischief. Schroeder stops as well, and for a moment they just stand there, hands on the hips, mirrors of each other. Laughter spreads through the audience again, but peace breaks out when the two of them decide to leave side-by-side. Schroeder sticks a “kick me” sign on the back of Steve’s shirt::