::The rigging reached at long last, something catches the cloaked figure's attention down below::


Voltaire: Sacre bleu! L'awardez especiale!


Sewernose: Ah! The climactic finale is close at hand!


Euripides: Wonderful! Your entrance could not be more perfectly timed!


Voltaire: Assuming you don't muck it up again...


Euripides: Bad luck is all. I'm sure things will look up.


Voltaire: As long as he doesn't look down.


::Sewernose does so of course, and gulps::


Sewernose: I can't have stage fright above a stage now, can I? Not when the show is at stake!


Euripides: That's the spirit! Now, let us prepare for the cue!


::The mysterious being takes a length of rigging rope and unwinds it, coiling the length in slack loops. All that was left now was waiting to spring...or swing, rather::