::Julie sees Indy offstage, then remains onstage and returns to the podium::


JULIE:  I'm here to announce the Best Story award too, but I'd better get right to it, since Irweena kinda ate up a lot of time.


Gadget and Sparky:  No problems!


::Everyone in the audience tenses, even those few who don't know why they should. Julie squints at the teleprompter::


Julie:  There's nothing better than a good story.  And thesestories have been deemed thebest ofthebest bymembersofour community.


::Her voice grows increasingly faster::


Julie: The nomineesare: ClawandAntler:SmallAnimalsUnitbyRennod, DeathofaComedianbyThe J.A.M.,GadgetinChainsbyLoneheart


::takes a breath::


Julie: —OnceUponaDreambyLoki


::Gadget and Sparky realize they've done something wrong, and get back to tinkering with the Teleprompter. A massive zap is heard, but Julie keeps reading::


Julie:  ReservationDogsbyKS,TheDayDaleBecameSmartbyIndyandChrisSilva, TheUntold RangerTales(allparts)byIndyandChrisSilva!


::Julie takes a few deep breaths::


Julie:  I hope that was fast enough for everyone.


::The crowd applauds at her accomplishment and Bedivere shouts out, wondering if she’d like a job as a stock auctioneer. Sparky walks across the stage, looking rather drunk, his body smoking::


Julie:  Um...I'd better hurry up and take care of him.  So anyway, the winner is Untold Ranger Tales!


::Along with Indy and Chris comes the entire cast of the story—everyone save Theo, who is home in bed with the flu. The crowd applauds as they all gather around the podium, filling the stage::


Indy: This story started out with a simple question—what if Dale and Gadget fell in love? Two years and nine parts later, with a tenth on the way, it's now a whole lot more. We've seen Chip develop into a much deeper and mature munk who finds love in the most unexpected way. We've had more plot twists than a pretzel machine can manage and we've had a lot of fun creating original characters, back-stories and highly improbable scenarios of all kinds. What would you say is your favorite thing about the story, Chris?


Chris: That we tried our best to do the most unlikely and unexpected things at every opportunity.  We always strove to surprise the reader—having both of Gadget’s parents being alive, Chip/Lahwhinie and Foxglove's family being alive as well.


Indy: We even managed to surprise ourselves at times, which made it all the more rewarding. We hope that we can continue to surprise you, and that part ten of this saga will be as well received as the first nine. Thanks go out to all the people on this stage that were with us at one time or another during the creation of it all. And thanks to all of you, for making this moment possible.


Chris:  Thank you for being open minded and seeing what the Rangerverse would be like if things went differently.


::The authors and cast wave to the audience as the music plays and the crowd stands and claps once more as they all leave. Julie manages to get Sparky off the stage, and looks for a nice place to rest after that Herculean effort::