::Hawnurra swats at a gnat. The insect had been flying around his face for several minutes, until finally in frustration he tried repeatedly to bat it away. In the midst of this exercise in futility, the call comes for his next presentation. The timing is regrettable as, distracted in mid-swipe, he turns the wrong way. The cougar’s claws rake the curtain, slashing it a full four feet wide to the edge, allowing the cut flap to fall open and reveal him to the audience::


::They go wild::


::He tries to ignore the crowd; the show must go on. Hawnurra stalks to the podium, face stiff with suppressed embarrassment. His career was shot, that's all there was to say **Well, let's try to go out like a professional, shall we?** He pulls the envelope from his jacket. At that moment, an over-eager floor-crewmember runs to repair the curtain and trips over a cord. The spotlight illuminating the podium from above goes dark, leaving the stage lit only by a small reading-light built into the podium, reflecting upward onto Hawnurra's face as he reads::


Hawnurra: My friends, tonight I have come to present the award for Most Improved Author


::The dramatic lighting, added to his stressed voice, creates an interesting atmosphere. The first two rows in the audience began shuffling a bit, glancing around for the exit signs. Some openly wonder what the "Award" might be::


Hawnurra: The nominees are: 8Bit Star; CD; The team of Indy & Chris Silva; KS; and Rosey Collins!


::The light comes back on, and with it the room's mood is, thankfully, also considerably lightened::


Hawnurra: These are writers whom you have nominated as having shown great improvement, and so each of them should know their efforts have not been in vain. They have been recognized as rising stars in our own little universe. One of them has, however, been selected as showing the greatest improvement - and it brings me great pleasure to announce: the winner is…8-Bit Star!


::Hawnurra receives a note from one of the stagehands, and the lights begin to dim::


Hawnurra: Ah... ahem, 8-Bit's being, as usual, a bit strange accepting his award. He’s created a special acceptance and asks that we view it on his <a href=http://www.freewebs.com/nes_star/Accept1.html> web site</a>.


::Hawnurra waits until the lights come up again, then heads offstage::