::A squat bespectacled human with red curly hair comes out on stage, wearing a white lab coat. For a moment, the Rangers gasp, but then they realize it’s not Norton Nimnul, but his nephew Normie. But they only relax for a moment::


Normie: Oh boy, defenseless little animals!


::As one, Widget, Monty, Bedivere and Dee converge on the human, giving him first-hand knowledge that they aren’t exactly defenseless. A few bumps and bruises later, the ne’er-do-well child begs for mercy and the group backs off::


Normie: Okay, okay! Can’t you take a joke? The Rangers said I could come as long as I behaved!


::The crowd relaxes a little, but only a little::


Normie: Okay, I’m here to present the award for Best Comedy. I love comedy, especially when it involves torturing defenseless little ani


::Normie stops when he sees Widget crushing a mock-up of himself::


Normie: Guess it’s true; you do have to play to your audience. Well, the nominees for this award are:


Brain vs. The Rangers, by Indy & Chris Silva

Mind Media, by 8-Bit Star

Mind Media 2, by 8-Bit Star

Rangers-Animaniacs, by Indy & Chris Silva

Roaches, Hamsters, and Ladybugs, Oh My!, by KS

The Day Smart Became Dale, by Indy and Rennod

The Rescue Rangers and the A-Team -- Dale on the Jazz, by Indy & Chris Silva


Normie: And now, the winner…it’s Rennod and Indy for The Day Smart Became Dale! Oh, I wish I’d won something!


::Gadget checks Dale's tux over one last time before they are called out to accept their award::


Gadget: Golly 86, isn't this the most exciting thing you've ever been to? Look at all the people and the celebrities!


Dale: You're right, 99.  This has got to be the second biggest awards ceremony I ever saw!


Gadget: Really? What was the biggest, then?


::Dale thinks it over for a moment::


Dale: You know, it's never come up...


Announcer: And now, Agents 86 and 99, or should I say, Gadget and Dale!


Dale: Well, here we go..


::Dale trips and falls through the curtain, getting wrapped up like a mummy::


Dale: OOooppss!  Off!  Urk!  Ack!




::Gadget quickly parts the curtain and runs to help Dale up::


Gadget: 86, are you okay?


Dale: I'm fine, 99. Just get the Emergency Agent Theatrical Extraction Reamer (E.A.T.E.R.) towork on this curtain, wouldya?


Gadget: Yeah, it should have you out with no problems!


::Gadget brings out the E.A.T.E.R., which activates with a <I><B>whirrrrrrrrrr</B></I>. Dale is freed within moments::


Dale: Thanks, 99


::Dale stands up, and after a moment the audience begins to laugh::


Gadget: Oh, Dale!


:: Dale looks down to find the E.A.T.E.R. has not only shredded the stage curtain, but that in freeing him it also turned his tux into cole slaw::


Dale: Uh, heheh... um, Sorry about that, folks...


::Dale does a "fig leaf" pose and tiptoes to the podium, hiding behind it. From the audience, an exasperated chipmunk stands up::


Chip: Agent 86, what's the meaning of this? That's no way for an agent to appear on worldwide television!


Dale: Hey, what's with the toupee, Chief?


Chip: *gulp* uh, heheh...um, what toupee, 86?


::Gadget elbows Dale in ribs, reminding him there's an AWARD to accept here::


Dale: Oh, yeah, right.  Thanks, 99


Gadget: Sure thing. (under her breath) Give me strength…good evening, everyone! Agent 86 and I are here to...


From the audience: Meow, meow!


::The spotlight turns on two felines, one of whom bonks the other::


Fat Cat: Shtarker, vhat are you doing!


Meps: I was making with the cat-calls, boss!


Fat Cat: Zees is KAOS! Ve do not do cat-calls here!


::The audience settles down and Gadget begins again::


Gadget: Agent 86 and I are here to...


Dale: Uh, Chief, did you want us to go capture those two? Because if you do, it's overtime, since we're off the clock...


Chip: Just read the acceptance speech, Smart, before I burst a blood vessel!


Dale: Ok, fine (loud *pop* is heard)...uh oh...missed it, by that much.


Gadget: Don't worry, he's got his Secret Agent Vessel-Popping Kit with him. I gave it to him before the ceremony. Anyway folks, we're grateful for this award and that you voted “The Day Smart Became Dale” the best comedy for this year's awards. Any final words, 86?


Dale: On behalf of the authors, who are out on assignment, we would be honored to accept the trophy in their stead.


::Dale picks up the trophy and starts heading off, to the crowd's mixture of applause and laughter at his shredded attire::


Gadget: 86, I must admit, you carried that off with real panache.


Dale: And loving it! Um, what real pen ash was that, 99? It wasn't my secret agent missile pen, was it?


::Gadget sighs and leaves the stage, with Dale checking the remains of his tux for his pen. Normie eyes the next trophy greedily as it’s brought out, but one look from Widget and Monty dissuades him and he heads off stage::