::A certain Texas prairie bat flaps over the stage and lands::



::The crowd echoes him, and Bedivere heads to the podium::


Bedivere: Well, let’s get this wagon train a movin’…where have I heard that before…now, I’m heah to shuck down the corn on who’s got a shot of winning the Acorn award for Best Drama. Buckaroos, I know all about drama! You get on a bucking prairie dog by the name of Death Wish, and you’ll find out about drama!


::The crowd laughs lightly, and he continues::


Bedivere: Well, no need to stretch this heah thang out. Like mah pappy used to say, ‘you don’t get ahead by talking their ears off’. So here’s the nominees for this right fine award!


Death of a Comedian, by The J.A.M.

Gadget In Chains, by Loneheart

I Dream of the New Ranger, by The J.A.M.

Once Upon A Dream, by Loki

The Untold Ranger Tales (All Parts), by Indy & Chris Silva

Sovereign, by John Nowak


::The stagehand brings him the envelope, and Bedivere rips it open::


Bedivere: Get those lungs some air in ‘em, you old jaguar! It’s Death of a Comedian!


::At that, the jaguar suddenly jumps from his seat and hollers::


::He runs down the aisle and up the stage, while the band plays “In My Arms Again”. He has his arms raised in victory, and his fists closed as he continues hollering to the sky. Finally, he calms down, and takes the award. He takes several deep breaths, kinda chuckles a trifle, and finally speaks with his deep voice::

J.A.M.: Um, you know, if ‘Rhyme and Reason’ had also been nominated for this category, I would have voted for that one instead…um…


::The audience claps mildly for a moment, and he continues::


J.A.M.: Golly, I guess I have to thank most of all Roy Neal Grissom for practically *begging* me to write a follow-up to the first ending of ‘Let’s Suppose Chip & Dale Behaved Slightly Differently After The Kidnapping’, and suggested that Foxglove sing a song to Dale when
she came back.


::J.A.M. waves to Man-Child, who shrugs as if to say “no biggie”::


J.A.M.: When I started out in May 1998, the handwritten outline was one page long! Then, I heard several songs, and decided to include them in the story, and so it grew and grew, and.golly!! It practically ran away with me! Well, I’d also like to thank John Nowak for his merciless editing, everyone who was able to give me musical info, The J.A.D.I.’s father for letting me use his computer and basically *rescue* the story, because there was one time when I only had it on floppy disk and had no computer on my own and the disk got *damaged*, but thank God I was able to rebuild the file. Wow!


::The audience claps in response, many other authors having come that close one time or another::


J.A.M.: Thanks to Kevin Sharbaugh for the last-minute Mohawk names, Chris Silva, Indy, Natasha Kashefipour for going through land and sea and wind and tide to get the info I requested, Wescott, Ruslan for his Clarice pics, David Junker, Q, Matt Plotecher, Chris Birkett, the creators of Winamp and whoever invented the MP3 format, without whom I would have worn out three audio and video tapes, and a walkman might have also laid down its life for
this story…


::The audience chuckles::


J.A.M.: The creators of that MacIntosh version of ‘Notepad’, the creators of ‘Tex-Edit’, the creators of MSWord, and CD for giving me that correction on the songs ‘Little Girl’ and ‘My Destiny’, and thanks to everyone who voted for me! Also, I wanna give a special mention to
all the other stories here, especially ‘Untold Ranger Tales’, and ‘Sovereign’, which are excellent works in their own right. Thanks a lot you guys, and be there will be more fanfics coming from me, as soon as I finish my Tiny Toons ones! ¡¡Gracias!!


::With that, he holds his award on high and leaves the stage as the audience cheers. Bedivere waves his hat, whoops it up again, and flies off the stage::