8-Bit: Oh yea, I am SUCH a wild romantic! That's why I was allowed to present this category!


Mademanna: Ummm, 8-Bit? It means 'Romance' as in lovey-dovey stuff, not as in melodramatic or in having some historical basis.


8-Bit: Whatever. I love the love!


::Mademanna got a head start::


Mademanna: Anyway, YOU do this category. I'm running back behind the curtain now!


::8-Bit begins to sing::


8-Bit: And there's one-hundred and fifty, or more to see, to be a Pokemon Master is my



::Mademanna stopped, and sighed::


Mademanna: It's too bad we won't be able to do the full Team Rocket Dialogue.


8-Bit: Yea, but the part about denouncing the evils of Truth and Love while extending our reach to the stars above just wouldn't fit, would they?  Anyway...


::8-Bit turns to the mike::


8-Bit: Hey guys, it's time for the best Romance story category (hey that rhymes!). And now, playing up the angles of truth and love and extending their reach to the stars above, the nominees are:


“Dale's Decision”, by Justin Reese

“Death of a Comedian”, by The J.A.M.

“I Dream of the New Ranger”, by The J.A.M.

“Reservation Dogs”, by KS

“The Spy Who Loved Monty”, by Indy & Chris Silva

“The Untold Ranger Tales” (All Parts), by Indy & Chris Silva


::8-Bit watches as Mademanna peeks from behind the curtain, then opens the envelope::


8-Bit: And the romantic winner is The Untold Ranger Tales!


::The audience begins to applaud, while Gadget and Dale peek at the crowd from offstage left::


Dale:  I can't go out there! There are people out there!


Gadget: Oh Dale, calm down! They're all our friends, after all. At least I think they are.


::Gadget leads Dale out on stage, Gadget wearing a modest but becoming white evening gown. Dale is wearing a tuxedo with his trademark polka-dot bowtie, and nervously waving to the crowd with his free hand as they reach the podium::


Gadget: Golly, best romance! It's a real honor for the ‘Untold Ranger Tales’, and particularly Dale and myself. I had no idea before that Dale was an inhibited artistic genius with a huge crush on me. And what surprised you, Dale?


Dale:  I think it was when I found out Flash didn't have superpowers…


::Laughs ripple over the audience::


Gadget: Uh no, dear. I mean what surprised you about me, that you learned in the course of the story?


Dale:  Oh, well, that you liked me as much as I liked you, and Monty being your dad.


::Gadget blushes and the crowd gives out an “aww...”::


Gadget: Golly, thanks Dale. And thank all of you, too! Bye!


::Dale waves again and runs off the stage, and Gadget gives him a momentary exasperated look. She shrugs and smiles to the audience, walking off with the award::