::Kongo walks to the podium and looks at the audience, clearing his throat::


Kongo: Few cartoons capture the essence of action adventure as well as the Rescue Rangers did. From Monterey Jack lassoing a crocodile in ‘Kiwi’s Big Adventure’ to Gadget’s one-mouse army in ‘Case of the Cola Cult’, it is a tradition that has remained a key element in the fanfiction of today. It is my honor to announce the nominees for Best Action Sequence:


Bats invade the Insect colony, by Matt Plotecher, from “Swarm”

Chip’s fight with The World’s Deadliest Assassin, by KS, from “Roaches,

Hamsters, and Ladybugs, Oh My!” (Chapter 4)

Dale’s Escape From Death (Lab Explosion), by Indy & Chris Silva, from “The

Day Dale Became Smart” (part 3)

Rangers fight with Strigidae, by The J.A.M., from “Death of a Comedian”,

Chapter 25


::Kongo pauses a moment fumbling with his pen knife, then manages to get the envelope open::


Kongo: And the winner is “Death of a Comedian”, for Rangers fight with Strigidæ!


::Once again, the jaguar jumps up and hollers::




::This time the band plays the theme of “Indiana Jones”. When he reaches the podium again, along with the Rescue Rangers, Clarice, and all the bats, he notices the audience’s bewildered expressions, so he explains::


J.A.M.: I guess you have to be a bit versed in soccer in order to understand that particular shout of victory of mine. Originally that’s what everyone yells when someone scores a goal in soccer BUT ANYWAYS!!


::He clutches the award close to him and takes a few moments to assimilate the reality of it all::


J.A.M.:  Strigidæ couldn’t make it for this award tonight, thank God…


::He chuckles, and the audience joins him::


J.A.M.: Well, Chapter EIKOSIPENTE - NIGHT OF THE STRIGIDÆ was certainly not the climax of the story. That came three chapters later! I *really* got into this segment and it became so long that I had to split it into two chapters (‘The Dead and Dying’ was originally part of the chapter)!


::The J.A.M. looks straight into the camera::


J.A.M.: I’d like to thank a former student of mine, The E.Q.U.I.N.N.O.X., because when I was writing the outline during the breaks at school, I asked him and several others for their input and they gladly gave them. His particular advice was having Otis here make a downward loop so Strigidæ would smash into the tree! Thanks also to Roy Neal Grissom and Aivars Liepa for giving me the idea of including an owl in this story, even if it was for just one
chapter. Any words, guys?


::Dale, Foxglove, Otis, and Clarice pad to the podium, and the chipmunk speaks first::

Dale: Zowie! Thanks for making the fight worthwhile!


Foxy: Thanks for bringing us to realization!!


Otis: Thanks to Roy Neal Grissom for creating me, and letting The J.A.M. use me in his story in a way that I *never* thought was possible!


Clarice: And thanks to all you wonderful people for bringing me out of obscurity and into the spotlight once more! I love you all!!”


::CD stands up and throws a big bouquet of flowers Clarice’s way. She catches them and blows a kiss back to CD. The jaguar concludes by speaking like Ronald Reagan::

J.A.M.: Thank you all, God bless you, yes!!


::And they all leave the stage amidst the applause, Kongo escorting them off::


Dr. Batorious (announcing): Next up, the conclusion of the Written awards, including awards for Most Improved Author, Best Author and Best Story. And then, the award for Outstanding Achievement. The Golden Acorn Awards will be right back…