::A tall red-haired squirrel, her red hair pinned up attractively, comes out on stage, wearing an ornate royal blue dress of her design. Donna Chesnutt, Tammy’s mom from the episode “Adventures in Squirrelsitting” and named in “The Untold Ranger Tales”, takes the podium::


Donna: Hello, everyone. I’m not used to speaking to so many people. My garden club and the local PTA are more my speed, but Tammy insisted so here I am. Tonight, we recognize the author who has created the Best Original Male character. This character should be larger than life, able to exist on his own without the Rangers to help him, and have a style all his own. Now, sit up straight and let’s see who our nominees are…


"Uncle" Bevidere Fairmont, by Indy

Criss-Cross Alexander Flaversham, by Morgan Kohl

Frog, by 8-Bit Star

Gary & Gordon, the Two Scruffy Guys, by Dave White, from the Gadget's Getaways series

Mack JaCroix, by Rennod, from Claw&Antler: Small Animals Unit – Small Town Heroes

Romulus, by KS, from Reservation Dogs, and The Ties That Bind

Theo Maplewood, by Indy & Chris Silva, from The Untold Ranger Tales


Donna: Okay, let’s see here.


::The stagehand brings Donna the envelope::


Donna: Young man, your hands are filthy. Go wash them right this instant!


::The stagehand ducks his head and runs off stage. Donna brings out a small bottle of hand sanitizer before handling the letter further::


Donna: Ah, there we go. Now, the winner is Uncle Bedivere!


::A loud war whoop comes from the seats and a big gray blur flashes through the spotlights and heads right for the podium. The award disappears in one big swoop of a wing and Bedivere kisses Donna smack on the lips then lands on top of the podium, waving his cowboy hat in one hand and the award in the other::



::The crowd shouts its approval and Bedivere eggs them on. After some more yelling, he jumps down behind the podium::

Bedivere: Howdy, everyone!


::The crowd shouts “howdy” back::

Bedivere: I want to thank all y’all fer voting me the best original guy character! You could slap me with a cactus bush! I’m right glad that there writing feller Indy decided to introduce me, and I’m real pleased to have mah be-yoo-tif-ful niece Foxglove here tonight!


Foxy (from the audience): You tell them, uncle!


Bedivere: I just did, Foxy! This heah trophy’s going right next to the one I have for mah first-place finish at the Great Bat Rodeo and Chili Cookoff of 1979! It ain’t every day a bat can lasso a prairie dog and tie him in nine seconds AND make great triple-alarm chili! Thanks everybody, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE—HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!


::Bedivere sticks his award under his hat and flies back off into the audience, the crowd whooping it up with him. Donna recovers from the smooch in a minute, then smiles and walks off::