::John Pesterfield waits for the applause to die down, then continues::


John: Next is Best Character Interaction. Like Characterization, it can be done in many ways. Since those ways are basically the same as I listed before we can get on with the awards. The nominees are:


Chip & Lahwhinie, by Indy & Chris Silva, from “The Untold Ranger Tales”

Dale & Foxy's "joint hallucination" scene, by The J.A.M., from “Death of a Comedian”

Dale and Dale's Past Self, by Indy & Chris Silva, from “The Day Dale Became Smart”

“Daring To Dream”, by Indy & Chris Silva, from “The Untold Ranger Tales”, Part I

Gadget and Dale, by Indy & Chris Silva, from “The Untold Ranger Tales”, Part I

::John fumbles with the envelope for a moment, then regains it::


John: And the winner is Chip and Lahwhinie, for “The Untold Ranger Tales”!


::Lahwhinie stands up and shouts, then looks back to Chip::


Lahwhinie:  So, do we win any money with this thing?


Chip: No dear, it's just a symbolic honor.


::Chip and Lahwhinie walk up, Chip in his tux and Lahwhinie in her dazzling pearl-colored dress and jewelry. When Lahwhinie sees the audience and the spotlight and hears the cheers, she practically runs over Chip to get to the podium first::


Lahwhinie:  I'd like to thank all the small and insignificant, nameless people I've stepped on during my climb to the top…


::Chip recovers, and joins her at the podium::


Chip: Honey, we discussed this before we came...


Lahwhinie:  Yeah, yeah...we're humbled by this honor and we thank you for your kind words of praise.


Chip: That's better. Theo couldn't be here with us tonight, so Theo, this one's for you!


::Chip waves the acorn-shaped award around, until Lahwhinie snatches it away that is. She begins kissing it and alternately blowing kisses to the applauding crowd. Chip smiles and ducks his head a little, then runs after Lahwhinie when he realizes she's already heading for home with the trophy::