::Hack and Hackwrench assume their places at the podium once more, taking a look at the list of nominees for the next category::


Hack: Oh, look, Mz. Hackwrench! One of the other evil twins is in this next one! Can we root for her?


::Ms. Hackwrench frowns::


Hackwrench: We're COMPLETELY neutral and unbiased as presenters.


::Hack rolls her eyes in an obvious 'yeah, surrre' gesture as the other mouse continues::


Hackwrench: The nominees for Best Use of a Series Character (One Shot) are:


“Death of a Comedian”, by The J.A.M., using Foxglove.

“Dreams of the Fathers”, by Indy & Chris Silva, using Bink in the “Untold Ranger Tales”.

“Gadget in Chains”, by Loneheart, using Lahwhinie.

“I Dream of the New Ranger”, by The J.A.M., using Foxglove.

“The Times of Their Lives”, by Indy, using Aldrin Klordane.


::The enthusiastic mouse in orange slashes the envelope again::


Hack: Gosh, that NEVER gets old!  The winner is—Aldrin Klordane, from “The Times of Their Lives!”


::Escorted by two hulking security guards, a heavily chained Aldrin Klordane comes on stage in a prison uniform to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Detective Drake stands up in the front row and offers to hold his award for him until he gets out in 2056. The crowd laughs and Klordane shoots Drake a nasty look. The master villain stops at the podium, the guards bookending him::


Klordane: So, I wasn’t quite forgotten, was I? Yes, I tried my best to rewrite history, but those meddling Rangers got in my way!


::The crowds cheers, with someone chanting, “go Rangers, go Rangers!” Then they quiet down again::


Klordane: And thanks to their attention to duty, I’ve been banished from the world of men. But you know what they say—nothing ever stays the same!


::One of the guards grabs Klordane’s award, and the other begins pushing him off the stage. Klordane laughs all the way, and gives a significant head nod in the direction of the Rangers. Hack takes Klordane’s arm and escorts him offstage, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously. Ms. Hackwrench follows, just shaking her head::